Explaining the concept of face masks to children can be difficult at first, but it does not have to be. Everyone knows that wearing face masks is important to protect yourself and others from harmful bacteria and viruses, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Children are naturally curious, and they really want to understand what they see around them, so you might consider using this opportunity as an educational tool.

With that in mind, it is important to choose the right term when talking to your kids about protective masks because the wrong one might confuse them or make them feel scared. In this piece, we will give you directions on how to explain face masks to your little ones.

What Is A Face Mask?

Like most things, the first thing to do when explaining face masks to kids is answer the “What” question.

A facemask is a protective covering for your mouth and nose, which you wear over your mouth when performing a job that exposes you to harmful fumes, particles or vapors. All face masks come in different shapes and sizes. 

Make sure to explain that protective face masks are different from costume masks worn for Halloween or other occasions. If and when possible, use actual masks to demonstrate the difference to your kids.

What Are They Used For?

Now that you have gotten past the what question, next, you want to tackle what masks are used for. 

Face masks can prevent you from inhaling bacteria and other harmful substances, like toxic smoke. Using a respiratory protection mask such as an N95 or N100 mask filters out harmful particles before they get into your lungs and prevents you from getting sick.

They come in various types and are worn for many different reasons. Sometimes people wear them while they sleep, when they are working, and sometimes when they are dealing with an illness that makes close-up contact undesirable. And times like now, people wear face masks to reduce the spread of the COVID virus.

The important thing is that wearing one doesn’t mean someone has something terrible; it means that individual cares for those around them. A mask isn’t something anyone should worry about.

How To Wear A Mask?

Teach your child how to put on and take off a mask by demonstrating. It might help to use two similarly shaped objects, such as a paper plate and a bowl, and place them over your child’s nose. Use one hand to hold up each object, so they are parallel with your child’s face, then walk through each step.

It’s simple, just a one-two step process! The first thing you do is hold your chin in one hand and put your face mask over your mouth with that same hand. Then you pull that hand away and let go of your chin. That’s it. Have your child practice wearing their mask until they get the hang of it. And teach them to have it with them everywhere they go.

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