We are all Geeks at Casinos Without a License

In the 21st century, gamblers seek casinos where they can play without restrictions, and casinos without a license does live up to this requirement. Gamblers who have a lot of restrictions in their countries related to betting now prefer to play at foreign casinos. For example, Swedish gamblers prefer to play at unlicensed casinos because of the perks that they get. They are unable to get similar advantages from the licensed casinos in their country. 

What are casinos without a license? 

In Sweden, all casinos that do not have a Swedish license are referred to as a casino without license or foreign casinos. The other example is Iran, as gambling is illegal, so the players have to play at unlicensed casinos. There is a huge difference between licensed and unlicensed casinos. When it comes to gamblers, they all are shifting towards these foreign casinos because of the benefits they get. These unlicensed casinos do not have a gaming license from the Swedish Gaming Authority and thus do not have to abide by its policies. Take a look at some of the primary reasons why the players prefer these casinos instead of playing at their own gambling jurisdiction platforms. 

Deposit limitations 

Gambling is for entertainment, and no one wants to have any external power to restrict their entertainment. A similar case is with a deposit limit at licensed platforms. There is a restriction that every week, the players can only deposit SEK 5000 in the casino. Gamblers do not like the idea of making small bets every week; they prefer taking part in huge bets. To do this, they have to first deposit 5000 SEK weekly. Then they have to wait to gather the amount just to make a single huge bet. 

This is the reason players have turned into geeks with the unlicensed casinos. Most casinos do not have any restrictions. Gamblers can deposit massive amounts and can spend it all on one game in any way they like. 

Gaming Library 

Gambling is not only about money; players need variations of the games that they like to play on the platform. They eventually get bored with those websites where there are very few games to choose from. Swedish licensed casinos only have games provided by popular and well-known developers. It is not allowed for them to add any other game to their library. 

All casinos without license have a wide variety of games. They add in the games related to the country and people they are targeting. For example, players can find multiple varieties of Roulette, such as American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Multiple variations develop people’s interest and keep them glued to one casino for a long time. Another example is of the Netherlands, where online gambling is now legal with some restrictions. The licensed casinos of the Netherlands cannot offer games of chance if they don’t have licenses. 

Bonuses and offers

The offers and bonuses that you can find at the unlicensed casinos are pretty amazing. Foreign casinos do not have restrictions like limited bonuses and offers. 

They are not allowed, as per the Gambling Authority, to have multiple welcome bonuses. As gamblers love to avail free spins, along with free money, so they shift towards foreign platforms. In most foreign casinos, you can find a massive welcome bonus that is sometimes even a 250% match bonus. 

Apart from the welcome bonus, there are multiple other offers too. The most common one is the deposit bonus. Players get a bonus and free amount just by depositing the amount in the casino. Some casinos also offer the cashback offer in which the players get some percent of the amount back that they lost in the games. 

As per the Netherlands Gambling Laws and Regulations, the bonus is that the casino must include the goods that can be attached with the economic value. Apart from this, no other goods can be used regardless of the situation. 


The Swedish Gambling Authority’s purpose is to ensure players do not end up getting addicted. To avoid that, they have added the program of Spelpaus in all the casinos. Through Spelpaus, players can set up restrictions on their overall gameplay. If they feel that they are playing or spending too much, then they can block themselves through Spelpaus for some time. 

There are three-time limitations; one month, three months, and one year. The player can choose any of them, and then they will be blocked from all the casinos that have Spelpaus. Unlicensed casinos also have a self-exclusion program, but that is different. 

In licensed casinos, getting blocked through Spelpaus means getting blocked from all casino sites, but in foreign casinos, the person only gets blocked from one website. Players prefer to be blocked by only one site instead of getting in a position where they cannot play at all on any casino. 

Netherlands law has the policy of BeleidsregelsVerantwoordSpelen that works on providing the players with responsible gaming. Here the policy has set up the rules on the gameplay on the timing and money that a player can spend at an online casino. 


People who bet prefer to keep their identity hidden as much as possible. They often do not disclose their gambling habits in their social circle. In the Swedish Authority licensed casinos, there is a track of all the things that the player does on the site. There is a complete track of all the money he spent, his losses as well as his winnings. As for the foreign casinos, the players only have to enter their bank details for the payment. In the case of cryptocurrency, there is no need for bank details. You will not find any detailed or extra information on these casinos. Also, your data is not traced; play as much as you want. 

3-second rule

Players love to try their luck in slot games. Slot games are entirely based on luck, and just a little amount can help in winning a considerable amount. According to the Gambling Authority, all the slot games have a three-second interval after every spin. Gamblers who are used to the 3-second rule lose interest when they have to wait after every spin. This rule is not found in the Curacao or MGA licensed casinos that come under the category of foreign casinos. 

Foreign casinos do not have any kind of delays. All the spins work perfectly back-to-back without any delays. 

Security of the casinos 

A lot of players believe that foreign casinos are unsafe as they do not hold the Swedish license, which is not true. The only difference is that these casinos do not have Swedish licenses, but they have foreign licenses from popular and authentic authorities. The other licenses have their own policies and security methods. All of these casinos use high tech that is SSL encryption that authenticates that the casino is giving fair and accurate gameplay to all their players. 

The security is similar, along with the benefit that everything remains confidential. If you look into the policies of these foreign licenses, you will understand how they offer security. 

Trying on new casino experiences 

The changes in the casinos are based on the country where it is mostly based on. Especially when it comes to sports betting, Swedes love to see the wide options. On multiple foreign casinos, they can even take part in the local and regional matches that are live. They can try on new games; for example, the Indian casinos have Teen Patti which is their game of choice. Players at these casinos get to try on a new side of gambling and also connect with the gamblers playing from different parts of the world. 

Registration process

The process of the overall registration at every casino is different. It depends on the license it holds and the policy it has. It is very easy and quick to register on Swedish licensed casinos as all the players should have is a BankID. Enter the details of your bank ID and get your account created. This is something that is a little lengthy in comparison when it comes to unlicensed gambling websites. 

Casinos that have the Pay n Play option take only two minutes to register the account. Casinos, where this option is not available, go through detailed information. Still, they are preferred most by gamblers because of all the other benefits they get. Also, registration doesn’t frustrate the player when he knows that he is about to win a welcome bonus for free. 

Why people are geeks for unlicensed casinos – A quick reason

Gamblers seek freedom to play, and licensed casinos restrict their entertainment. These players want all the control in their hands but are unable to do it in Swedish licensed sites because of all the rules and policies. This is the reason why foreign casinos are trending. Further gambling is all about money, and they get easily attracted to casinos with a lot to offer for free.