Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency in 2022

Due to the rapid development of the crypto industry and its various sectors, more and more people want to learn how to earn cryptocurrency quickly and simply. Methods that require additional investments are usually used by experienced clients, while beginners try their hand at sections that don’t need a deposit to start.

Among the most profitable ways to earn cryptocurrency without investments, it’s worth highlighting Bitcoin dice faucet and crypto games. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at each of the options.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website that periodically gives the user a little cryptocurrency in exchange for completing small tasks. Tasks usually involve solving a captcha, sometimes viewing ads, or clicking on links. In Bitcoin faucets, profit is measured in Satoshi (1 Satoshi = 0.000000001 BTC, one hundred millionth share).

To withdraw money, in most faucets, it’s necessary to collect the minimum amount — sometimes it takes only a few days, and sometimes it can take weeks, it all depends on the profitability of a particular service and the minimum threshold set. Thus, it won’t be possible to get rich quickly with this method. The real attraction is that cryptocurrencies have the potential to grow. So, the 10 cents earned now on the tap may turn into a dollar or even 10 dollars in the future.

To start earning cryptocurrency, you will first need to select a faucet. Examples of popular services:

  • Freebitcoin;
  • Satoshi Hero;
  • Moon Bitcoin;
  • Freedogecoin;
  • AdBTC.

By choosing a service that is suitable for the conditions and has a good reputation, you can start performing tasks. The coins will be credited to the balance of the site, they can be withdrawn to the wallet upon reaching the minimum amount. Some services support automatic payments, but for this, you need to enter the wallet address in the settings.

Crypto Games

Numerous Bitcoin games allow earning no more than taps, but it’s done in a playful way. There’s an opportunity to have fun from time to time, while simultaneously receiving additional income.

The main types of cryptocurrency games:

  • games and lotteries on faucets and exchanges — many faucets have a section with games in which you can win a substantial amount that is several times higher than is usually given for completing the task;
  • online casino — in many countries, casino gambling is prohibited by law, but this doesn’t apply to cryptocurrency casinos since they are difficult to regulate;
  • mobile games — small applications for logic or erudition that will help pass the time and get some income;
  • browser strategies, RPGs, trading games, simulators, card games, and so on — individual sites that require registration and allow converting virtual money earned in the gameplay into cryptocurrency (for example, USDT bingo, BUST dice, BTC poker).

Some of the games require you to invest money, while others operate on the principle of faucets and don’t imply investments. If the game has attachments, you need to carefully study the reviews beforehand and make sure that the project is honest.

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