Want to become a pro gamer? Here are the top eSport Youtube Channels you cannot ignore

Do you know one of the major reasons for eSport’s instant growth all over the world is YouTube? On this platform, pro gamers kickstarted their own channels to monetize their live game streams and attract donations from viewers. However, these channels caught the eye of game lovers due to their outstanding skills and amazing game spirit. From those who aspire to become a professional gamer someday to those who just watch live streams to pass some time, you cannot ignore the following: some world-class eSport YouTube Channels. Let’s take a glance:

#1: League of Legends eSports

Believe it or not, but the league of legends eSport channel on YouTube has 3.44 million subscribers already. To the reader’s surprise, the channel was only created two years ago. What’s most interesting about this channel is that here you can watch videos of previous LoL World Championships and tournaments. Furthermore, you can search for your favorite moments in the LoL championship or revive your memory of your favorite team performing. Above all, you can watch live LoL Game streams if you want new content.

#2: Travis Grafford – Gamer

When it comes to eSport debates, Travis Grafford’s YouTube channel is one of the major hotspots. Currently, this channel has only 200 thousand subscribers. However, views on pro gamers’ interviews with Travis contain a million viewers. Apart from this, the channel also arranges live game streams from time to time. If you are fortunate enough, you can join Travis in one of the games next time.

The good part about this channel is that Travis himself is an outstanding eSport player. Thus, if you are yet to conquer the best gaming skills, you can watch Travis play online and learn a lot, that too, for free! Recently, Travis Grafford Net Worth crossed 57 thousand million dollars. Good times are about to come through.

#3: Dexerto

What is the shortest way to know what’s going on in eSports? Well! We would suggest, follow the Dexerto eSport channel on YouTube. Unlike regular news channels, Dexerto is all about eSports. From finding out who cheated in LoL to who has an unbeatable record in CSGO, everything is here. Believe it or not, but if you are an eSport fanatic, you will be able to spend hours streaming eSport news videos on Dexerto without getting bored. This channel is still growing and has 100 thousand subscribers. Share it with your friends to support!

#4: Thooorin

Do you know? The brain has everything to do with eSport. Here, muscles are not crucial. But, a smart mind is. Thooorin, the LoL historian YouTuber has proved himself much interested in this industry and gained a well-fit status as a “factoid channel.” On this channel, you can learn some shocking, interesting, and unacknowledged details about LoL eSport Championships and tournaments.

Further ahead, you can also enjoy Thorin’s interview with some world-class minds in the eSport. It can be proven helpful if you ever prepare to enter an eSport tournament at the national or international level.

#5: PewdiePie

Last but not least, Pewdiepie’s youtube channel is quite prominent for gaming videos. For the most part, the major credit for Americans’ high interest in video gaming goes to this channel without even any evidence. From Minecraft to PUBG, CSGO, LoL, Overwatch, and whatnot, on this channel, you can find unlimited live streams of your favorite eSport. According to the latest statistics, PewDiePie is one of the richest gaming YouTubers in the world.

Apart from that, if you love PewDiePie, you can begin your own gaming channel or simply play Lol and other games in multiplayer mode. For those who are lucky, Pewds will drop by in your game for quick combat.


Want to become a pro gamer? We suggest that you do not drain another minute of your time and start gaming. Do you know what the secret is behind the success of eSport YouTubers? They literally record their entire game to capture a single moment where they successfully accomplish the impossible. You should also get on to this strategy today! Want to know more about eSport games and tournaments that you can enter at a small level? Bookmark us, and we will notify you instantly. Good luck!