Walmart shoppers to earn Crypto back

Walmart stores’ shoppers now can earn the crypto equivalent of cash back if they spend in-store. A blockchain-based loyalty reward platform is called StormX. It has enabled an option of Investing in Bitcoin. It is 4% on purchases from Walmart. It is still 14 % for the rewards app’s super-users. The web and mobile developed by the StormX 

Seoul-headquarter supports purchases from main brands such as Microsoft, Uber, Target, and Samsung. StormX added the largest retail chain, Walmart will date. It is the only cryptoback reward service now supported by the multinational retail corporation of the US. Walmart is known to be synonymous with value and choice. CEO of StromX said that they are excited to incentivize users to shop from Walmart. He also added that they are confident that users will be taking the rewards program’s advantage. This is because StormX is the only program of crypto cashback for Walmart globally. Thus users will be capable of earning their favorite crypto while they shop from their preferred retailer.If you are looking to invest or trade cryptos check out Bitcoin smart. 

StormX earning crypto back program

  • The platform of gamified microtasks enabled members to do online shopping and earn crypto back StormX.
  • It has onboarded with Walmart, the retail giant.
  • This inclusion means that users of StormX will be earning crypto back if they shop from this retail giant.
  • This reward platform that is blockchain-based before they added Walmart works already alongside Microsoft, Dell, eBay, Target, Adidas, and Nike.
  • This blockchain firm that is South Korea based launched its program of crypto cashback for shoppers.
  • It took place in April after honey browser’s success.
  • With the access of StormX to a customer base of Walmart, it is the only platform of earn crypto back rewards allowed by the retail giant.
  • They have more than 260 million customer base weekly with more than 11500 purchases completed in more than 27 countries and that too online.
  • In the middle of this pandemic, this retail store made %524 billion in revenue till now in 2022.
  • This is because shoppers can have some of the money back if they sign up using StormX.
  • The platform users can now deposit their tokens of STMX in this app for opportunities to earn higher rewards of crypto back.
  • Users of StormX can earn 4% crypto back on their purchases.
  • Some members can even earn 14% crypto back on all purchases.

Crypto adoption enhanced

  • From the time of the firm’s launch, it hugely contributed to the adoption of crypto.
  • For the digital currencies to get the general public’s adoption, acquiring cryptocurrency must be made easier as well as its use and safety to hold it.
  • Stormx was able to offer such features with its non-custodial wallet’s integration along with more than 500 retail partners and tokens that can be easily moved.
  • Before onboarding Wallmart, the downloads of StormX hit 2.5 million.

Easily claim crypto via Loyalty apps

  • Platforms of loyalty rewards like StormX emerged as a well-known means to onboard people to the economy of crypto.
  • Recently some retail users are obliged to go through brokerages or exchanges for acquiring digital currency which entails friction.
  • Rewards programs that are crypto-based provide all means for shoppers to earn crypto passively without any change in their behavior.
  • They can claim cryptoback while they shop in-store or online.
  • Users of StormX can also earn crypto if they complete tasks.
  • Thus the app will become an all-in-one portal for earning.
  • StormX is available on Android, iOS, and as an extension of the Chrome browser.
  • It includes a wallet that is non-custodial to store assets such as Bitcoin, LTC, Ethereum, and STMX tokens.


Apart from onboarding some newcomers to cryptocurrency, platforms like StormX complete the circle. They do so by giving one off-ramp for crypto holders. They allow tokens to get stored in the integrated wallet. Then spend it. Other companies that are bridging this gap between crypto and fiat worlds include payment gateways like Metal Pay and Simplex. It is by making it much easier to switch between fiat currencies and digital currencies at low cost and instantly. The integration of StormX with Walmart will further blur the lines between digital and traditional finance. It will help to put crypto in consumers’ hands through smartphone devices.