VinPit Review: No. 1 Online License Plate Lookup Tool

When you are buying a car, you always want to get value for your money. You will go for the vehicle in its best condition, which is difficult to tell at first glance. Moreover, no seller will disclose the car’s defects to you.

To this effect, it is your responsibility as a car buyer to get the car’s information on your own. But how do you do this? One of the most straightforward approaches you can take is carrying out a license plate lookup of the car.

Through this article, you will learn about the best license plate lookup tool and how it can help you without going anywhere. If you have a device that connects to the internet and the number plate details, that is sufficient to get you the details you need. 

VinPit License Plate Lookup Overview 

With the license plate number, one can reveal a lot of information about the car in minutes. In the past, the only way to get license plate information was by visiting the local Department of Motor Vehicles. This meant waiting in long queues and later on filing paperwork to get this information.

Fortunately, this is now in the past. With the advancement of technology, the process of acquiring license plate information has been simplified. The availability of online databases has made the process of running license plate lookups less cumbersome.

All you need is a reputable online platform that is regulated to carry out license plate lookups. If you are in the United States, the most reliable license plate lookup site you can trust is VinPit. It has an extensive online database, which makes it next to impossible to miss a thing.

This tool uses officially registered data sources from over 50 states to give you 100% reliable information. Some of the sources include insurance companies, the DMV, service stations, among others. Therefore, if you are in Texas, the free Texas plate lookup via VinPit will get the right information for you. That also applies to other states as well. 

With VinPit, all you need to do is fill in the license plate number in the field provided. The platform will then go ahead to dig in more information about the license plate number.

Once certified, you will have access to limited information about the number. This whole process will take barely five minutes of your time. The best part about VinPit is that at no point is your data collected.

Furthermore, VinPit gives its users an exclusive opportunity to carry out other checks on the car, like the VIN check. This goes a long way in helping you get detailed specifications of the vehicle.

Read on to learn some of the information you can get from an online license plate check.

What Information Will VinPit Show After a License Plate Lookup?

When registering a purchased car, whether used or new, one is obligated to avail specific information to the relevant authority. This information is what makes up the online databases for vehicles. However, not all the information is available for public consumption.

The government usually regulates some of this information mainly for security reasons. Nevertheless, a license plate lookup via VinPit can make some information available. It will get you the following at a glance:

  • The vehicles make and model.
  • The car’s year of release
  •  The present market value of the vehicle
  • The odometer readings will help you know the total distance covered by the vehicle.
  • Minor details about the vehicle’s owner and its ownership history
  • The car’s fuel efficiency
  • A list of accidents the vehicle has been involved in if any.
  • Service and inspection history of the car
  • The warranty offers that are available on the car

VinPit Cost and Limitations 

You don’t need to spend anything to perform a license plate lookup on VinPit. That’s how convenient it is in addition to being accessible anywhere via the internet. It will also never keep a trail of your searches. 

That is how it keeps your information confidential, which means no one will know about a previous license plate’s lookup. You also get to download the report if you want a copy in your local storage. 

The limitation in using VinPit also applies to other online lookup sites. What you get is always limited due to strict laws and regulations that govern the revealing of such information. A license plate lookup will show you sensitive data that comes from the motor vehicle departments. 

That is why it will not show you everything about the license plate. If you need more information about the license plate in question, visit the local departments, which may take time. 

Where Can You Apply The Information VinPit Shows You?

The reasons that prompt people to carry out license plate lookups can vary from one person to another. Below, we have listed some of the prominent permissible cases when a license plate check can prove to be helpful.

When Buying a Car

As we have seen, by using the license plate number, you can know the current market pricing of the vehicle. As a car buyer, this information is essential because it ensures you understand what you are supposed to pay. This helps you avoid getting ripped off your money.

A license plate check will also provide you with a detailed understanding of the specifications of the vehicle. You will also learn about the vehicle’s history. Many car buyers commonly overlook this aspect, and this could sometimes bring about problems in the future.

In addition, knowing the car’s history can give you leverage when purchasing it.

To solve a crime

Another reason for carrying out a license plate check is knowing the person behind a crime. This can be, for example, when you are involved in a hit-and-run accident. In such a scenario, you can use the license plate of the other party’s vehicle to identify the owner.

It also applies if you accidentally hit another car in the parking lot, for instance, and can’t find the owner. A reverse license plate lookup can help you identify the owner of the vehicle.


VinPit helps you get quick information about an unknown license plate. It’s free to use and straightforward since the only thing you need is the digits. If you want to know more about a bad driver, a used car you are about to buy, or help a friend, this platform will not let you down. 

It also has plenty of information to offer as a guideline, including VIN decoding. To know more and perform a lookup in minutes, visit the main website.