Video Games that Feature Cool Bonus Levels

Do you love playing video games? Then, you might find this list interesting. It features the names of video games where players can unlock astounding bonus levels when they meet specific requirements during their gameplay. 

What’s a bonus level? A bonus level is that extra round, usually at the end of a stage where players can win power-ups and bonus points. When you beat the primary levels in a video game, you unlock bonus levels. Some of these bonus levels are hard, and they feature cool things. Here are some video games with bonus stages! Many of these can be found secondhand at by the way.

Castle Rock – Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is an excellent platformer with various gameplay elements, including bonus levels.

Castle Rock is one of the most challenging bonus levels in the game. It requires players to practice their skills to pass the level. They have to keep their fingers on the controller, but they also have to be quick-witted and fast-moving.

Once you reach this stage in the game, you’ll have to go through several complex but not impossible challenges. The first challenge is a maze, which requires you to use your sliding abilities and remember where you are going.

The second challenge requires you to break walls with your head and use your bouncing abilities, which can become very challenging if you don’t know where you’re going.

The final challenge is a race against time, which means that players have to collect all the keys before the timer runs out. Failing to do so will cause them to lose a life!

Quick Hit Las Vegas Online Casino Slot Games

It’s one thing to create a bonus round for your slot machine, but it’s another to make the bonus round so exciting that players stay engaged with the game for longer. Quick Hit Las Vegas is one of the online slot games with some of the top casino bonuses that feel like a mini-game in and of itself.

The bonus game has several free spins, which sounds good on its own. The reason it’s so exciting, though, is because of the way the game awards the free spins. You’ll notice meters above each reel as you spin the reels during the base game. You’ll get to play in the bonus round if you land three scatters — which look like dollar signs — on any spin. But if you manage to fill up one of those meters while doing so, you’ll get an extra benefit. 

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Spirit Temple

It should be extra challenging if you’re going to include a bonus dungeon for the most rabid Zelda fans. In Ocarina of Time, you can unlock one such dungeon after completing the main story, and boy is it a doozy.

Temple of Time

To access the Spirit Temple, you must first beat the game. After doing so, you’ll be allowed to return to the Temple of Time from before Ganondorf took over Hyrule Castle. 

The Sheikah Stone in front of Master Sword will now offer the choice between “Adult Link” and “Child Link.” Choose “Child Link” and find yourself in a new room with a warp point back to Kokiri Forest. This is your chance if you want to get your hands on all three Spiritual Stones.

The Spirit Temple

The Spirit Temple is massive, but don’t expect it to be easy. As soon as you enter the temple as a child, you’ll have your work cut out as you navigate through traps and battle enemies. 

You’ll even find yourself facing off against Iron Knuckles! When you reach the end of this temple section, make sure you collect the Silver Gauntlets before getting warped back outside!

Super Mario Odyssey (2017) – New Donk City Festival

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest addition to video games that feature excellent bonus levels. This time, it’s the New Donk City Festival, where players participate in a carnival with the help of Pauline, who is the mayor of New Donk City.

The festival runs for the last four days, but there’s more than enough content to accompany this event. There are balloons to be popped, challenging jumping courses, and a claw machine as tricky. However, the biggest attraction here is the fireworks at night.

Contra 3 (1992) – Level Three

Contra 3 is a run and gun game that often requires simultaneous cooperation between players one and two. The game contains a bonus level that you can only access by completing the first two levels without using a continue. It requires the player (or players) to satisfy both groups without dying, which is no easy feat. Once the bonus level begins, the players are thrust into a jungle environment with many aggressive enemies and obstacles to avoid.

It’s not bad, though, since you have a gun that shoots heat-seeking missiles and can take out multiple enemies. You also can jump on top of specific enemies to make it through narrow passages. It is one of the most incredible bonus levels in any video game.

Summing Up

It’s easy to forget how many video games include hidden or secret areas. These can take many forms, from extra levels to secret weapons to cheat codes. Some of these can be found through sheer luck, while others require knowing what to do and when. In the best cases, they’re both fun and challenging to unlock.