Unspoken Dream: Book Review

Unspoken Dream: Carol Bennett writes a shocking mystery-thriller. Her chilling entrance is one I even have encountered only rarely during a book. Here, we have a victim who seems like he had been swarmed by bees within the middle of a storm, but the reader is caused believe that it had been something far more ominous which it’s close to worsen.

There are many characters within the tale, but a gaggle of teenagers that are close to graduate from high school (Mike, Jack, Jared, Jenny, Tracy, Dana, Alan) and Sheriff Nate is the most characters. The lead character, Mike, is more sort of a father figure for the group therein he concerns himself with the requirements of his friends and becomes a compassionate leader to his community during an emergency. His girlfriend Dana, as a sweet and supportive character, gives him strength. Shy, Jenny who is blooming into a gorgeous girl features a crush on Mike’s friend Jack, which sends Alan into a jealous frenzy. Though James and Tracy are dating, their buddy Jared holds a secret fondness for Tracy.

Carol did an exquisite job of portraying the characters in Unspoken Dreams. I used to be so involved within the story that by the time Mike finally broke down in grief for his friends’ death, I had tears running down my cheeks – this was but 2 dozen pages into the book! Mike’s humorous relationship together with his parents had me laughing aloud. and that I felt real pity for Alan’s situation.

An excellent read for those that love an honest thriller with a solid rate of tension throughout the book.”

ISBN#: 1413767397
Publisher: Publish America, Inc
Author: Carol Bennett

You can buy this book, https://www.amazon.com/Unspoken-Dream-Carol-Bennett/dp/1413767397

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