Unexpected Essay Writing Life Hacks: What Are the Best Ones and How to Use Them?

Essay writing has always been something that awakens special feelings in writers’ bodies. Although they are used to write through many different variations of texts, essays somehow stand out. But that can all be attributed to authors’ preferences, of course. Something that we can all agree about is that we, as a species, always strive for exploring and finding new things. It gives us an unimaginable power and willingness to move on even during the toughest times. And that’s exactly the same feeling we would like to awake inside of you. Do you know why? Because we have prepared some unexpected life hacks related to essay writing that cannot be found anywhere else. You have probably already heard about dozens of tips that can help you with your essay writing or simply choosing what essay writing service to use. More about that you can freely read on legitwritingservices.com and get your answers to any questions you may have connected with essay writing in general. Anyways, we will be focusing on our guide and provide you with the best hacks that will bring your essays to their peak. So, get ready because we are taking off!

  1. Pay Attention to The Very Beginning

Essay writing is a niche that consists of multiple areas that writers must cover. It is not just about the simple writing of the text. Writers must be well aware of the topic they are describing and it is often the case they forget some details. That wouldn’t be a big issue but those tiny details can have a high value, both to the readers and an author himself. That’s why you can’t allow yourself to repeat such mistakes. Hence, you should be taking a better look at some of the parts specifically and separately one by one. It would be usual if you start your essay with the introduction, right? But what if we tell you that you can start it with the body? Are you surprised? Perhaps yes but it is all positive and it should be. Many people don’t realize that essays can be written that way. However, it doesn’t mean that you will put a body part in front of an introduction. It means that you can focus on writing the body sequence first and then turn to the introduction or conclusion. Furthermore, you can write an introduction last. But why would you do that, you are wondering? Well, here comes a brief explanation. You, as a writer, will try to keep up with the things that you will introduce at the beginning of an essay. That often occurs because writers like to write those things first as they have an intention to dwell on them. So, when you write a body part first, from this point of view, it seems reasonable to do it. You can divide only the most vital information and write them in the introduction. That way, you will lower the chances of missing out on important data and prevent something unexpected to appear, like new and unnecessary ideas, for example.

  1. Add Questions

Essays are frequently written without Q&A sections. And it is all-natural because they usually don’t require such a thing. But ask yourself how big an impression your essays may leave to the readers if you involve some questions and answers of huge significance. What can it bring to them and the text too? Yahoo’s review of essay services may help you better understand it, at least a little bit. If you have doubts, feel free to check the link we have provided you with and convince yourself. Through reading reviews, you can have a wider perspective on the things you are interested in and notice something you normally wouldn’t. So, give it a try. However, let’s not forget about questions you should include in your essays. You should add some in the text as readers may be confused about something or simply will be eager to know more. Also, don’t forget to arrange them and make them on a list. It will help you to write chronologically without missing out on anything important.

  1. Think About Environment

It is not a secret how mood can affect a writer and reflect on the texts he or she writes about. Make yourself comfortable and don’t hesitate to put some quiet music on before you start writing. It will put you in a positive mood which can help you in organizing your essay. Even though every person has their own music taste, it wouldn’t be beneficial if you turn on a genre that can easily distract your writing. Therefore, something like heavy metal, for example, will just boost your energy and prevent you from writing. But it is all situational and due to music tastes and preferences. However, we would suggest you some low energy music, such as:

  • Classic (it contains many quiet melodies that can positively affect your thinking process)
  • Natural sounds like the ones from high and low tie or the rain
  1. Use Dictionary More Often

This tip is a simple but also an effective one. A lot of writers don’t use a thesaurus or a normal dictionary at all. You shouldn’t do the same. Possessing these notebooks can help you to better express yourself in the exact way you imagined it. There is no need for circumlocution or using phrases you don’t actually mean or can’t fully understand.

  1. Take References

The most popular websites that people use to get information are, of course, language resources. You can also use them for taking the references but try not to simply copy them from these sites. These websites can help you to properly build your references but they doesn’t mean that you should be copy-pasting citations or reference links from them. Remember, be unique!


It seems as soon as we take off that we already have to land, unfortunately. It all just shows how inspirative our guide was. So, how do you feel now when you know all of these secret hacks that can completely change your essays? We tried to present you with the best ones and, hopefully, you will profit from it!