Understanding the Meaning Behind Blue Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue…..

But wait, did you know there are actually blue roses too? Roses have always been the epitome of romance. From that final rose in the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast to the most popular flower option on Valentine’s Day, roses embody the spirit of love.

While traditionally roses have always been red, they also come in a whole range of other colors—pink, white, orange But what about blue?

For years, people have tried to find where this mythical blue rose may grow naturally. For a plant or animal to naturally have a blue hue to it is an extreme rarity! In fact, it is so rare that a rose can not actually be blue unless science and engineering come into play!

Thanks to modern science and creativity, people have also found ways to make blue roses themselves and are now much easier to find! Not only does this make a bouquet of roses look incredibly beautiful, but it allows a whole new type of sentiment to be expressed thanks to the blue rose meaning.

So what is it to the blue rose that people have taken such a fancy to? We are going to share all there is to know about blue roses and the true meaning behind them.

1. Japan and Australia found out how to make roses blue

It wasn’t easy and it took two countries in opposite hemispheres to figure out how, but Japan and Australia eventually teamed up to discover how to engineer roses to get them to have the color blue. The discovery was so exciting that the first successful blue rose was called “Applause”! But years more of work were needed to discover how to engineer the rose so that the blue hue didn’t actually fade away! But eventually, we got there, and now thanks to the innovation of multiple countries, blue roses are here to stay!

2. It’s a boy!

Blue is often related to the revelation that a couple is going to have a baby boy. So what better gift to give parents to be than a bouquet of blue roses that celebrate the new addition to their household. So the next time you are stumped on what to get someone for their baby shower—go with blue roses as it surely won’t disappoint!

3. Calling all dreamers

Dark blue hues are often related to those that are dreamers or extremely thoughtful. So for those that are adventurous, have big goals or plans, or are always going after lofty dreams, dark blue roses often make the perfect gift! In fact, those that embark on big journeys overseas would really appreciate getting a bouquet of blue roses and is one of the best gifts you can get them.

4. Helping add calmness

Blue roses also symbolize calmness. So if you know someone that is extra stressed in their life or could use some more calm, blue roses can really help create this ambiance. For that person who is going through a really challenging time in their life or struggling with a certain obstacle, blue roses can be just what they need to help them get through it.

5. Celebrating joy

Light blue roses also symbolize a time of joy—and not just with the announcement of a newborn! This also is relevant for newlyweds and blue roses can make a fantastic wedding gift! The union of two people in love certainly is a joyful time too and a blue rose is the perfect “something blue” for the big day. With so much meaning behind blue roses, why wouldn’t you consider going blue the next time you buy flowers?