Acrylic nails are increasingly becoming popular, especially for people who find growing their natural nails hard. Most acrylic nails are long, but this does not mean there are no short acrylic nails for people who love them. Acrylic nails come in many different shapes, and you can choose the shape you like best.

Most people find short nails favorable because, unlike long nails, they do not require a lot of attention in maintenance. Another reason people prefer short nails is that they do not like the limitation that comes with long nails in carrying out their daily activities. Learn more about short acrylic nails here for your next manicure appointment.

  1. What Are Short Acrylic Nails

The acrylic nails are created from a combination of compounds that are blended together to form a sticky dough-like adhesive which is later brushed off to create a nail and left to dry. Short acrylic nails can be defined as acrylic nails that are left short in length for the final results.

Short acrylics offer a client a variety of options to choose from based on their personality. The acrylic nails are very versatile such that you can achieve any shape you want as long as you or your nail artist is creative enough.

Even if long acrylic nails are very popular, long length is not popular as some people love their nails short. This is totally achievable with acrylics, as you only need to trim them to the desired length.

  1. How Long Do Acrylic Nail Last

Acrylic nails have a lifespan of between one to eight weeks, regardless of whether they are short or long. However, there are other factors that affect the lifespan of acrylic nails. These factors include your lifestyle, how they were initially applied, and the style and shape of the nails.

Short acrylics are likely to last longer than long ones because they don’t get into the way too much hence less damage. Regardless of the short acrylic nails having a longer lifespan, you will be required to visit your nail artist every once in a while to get some basic corrections and a fresh look.

  1. Types of Acrylic Nails Shapes
  • Round Nails

Short acrylics are mainly meant to be cute and simple. Achieving the round acrylic nails is effortless, and it gives off some very simple vibes.

The round acrylic nails bring a natural look to your nails because they are usually designed to follow the natural nail shape with only the nail tips rounded and featuring curved edges.

The round nails are versatile, and the shape is perfect for all sorts of occasions, either official or casual. The round acrylic nails also blend in perfectly with all sorts of outfits from your wardrobe.

  • Square Nails

The square short acrylic nails can actually be related to the round nails, with the only significant difference being that the sides for the square shape look straighter. 

The square nails do have flat tops, which are also sharp, and the edges are very straight, a feature that gives this nail shape a geometric look.

The square nails are not only meant for people who love short nails but also for people who have a narrow nail bed. This is the case because the proportional cut brings out an illusion of a wider nail bed than the nail actually is. Square nails pass off some extra personality vibes.

  1. Chic Short Styles

Other than the shape of the short acrylics, you also need to settle on the style of nails you want. Combining the right nail shape and style helps you achieve the exact results you are looking for.

  • Art Deco

This style is most suitable for lovers of art. Combining short acrylics with nice artwork gives exceptional results. The art should showcase your personality and be done by an experienced artist to avoid disappointment with the final results.

It does not matter how short the nails are, there is always an art design that will work best on them. Combining bold and beautiful colors for the art gives out very admirable results.

  • Burgundy

These nails are the best option for the autumn season. The burgundy acrylic nails offer a rich and warm glow to your nails design.

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