Twelve best Quality of Life Apps For 2023

Technological advances have created a big impact on the way our daily lives function. A mobile device,which at one time was conceived as a mere tool of communication, now doubles up as a genie and obeys all commands to complete the most intricate of tasks without you even being aware of it.

That said, there are other ways an iPad or smartphone can enrich your life,provided you have the right apps which will infuse the good things into your routine. Unfortunately, with so many apps around,very few of us have the time for that.

To make your job easier, here are twelve self-improvement mobile apps which will not only help you to take charge of your quality of life, but in other important aspects like family, health or picking up a new passion.

1 BetterHelp (For mental health)

BetterHelp was founded in 2013, and in ten years leading to 2023 has become one of the largest and most popular online healthcare platforms in the world.

The world of online therapy has been steadily growing over the best few years, with most therapy sites offering their services through mobile apps as well.

Since BetterHelp has flexible communication options, more than any of its competitors,it comes as a boon for people with unpredictable schedules. Moreover,the app is affordably priced and has an extensive range of therapists to choose from.

2 MyFitnessPal (For healthy eating)

For healthy eating, it is first important to understand what you are actually consuming. The MyFitnessPal app does exactly that by keeping track of the daily snacks and meals you eat which help you in realizing your eating goals.

The app helps you to record activities such as exercise and keep a record of the day’s nutritional breakdown. Once you have achieved your measurable goals, you will be shocked to learn how many unhealthy foods you have been taking in.

3 Skillshare (For finding a new hobby)

Use the Skillshare app to begin your quest for a creative journey to explore a variety of topics, technologies,tools and techniques ranging from animation to graphic design.The app allows you to take your skills to greater levels, through online classes like Photoshop.

Skillshare is based in the United States and is geared to help people who want to learn through educational videos. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or a pro, you can download online classes using your Skillshare free trial to hone your skills. While Skillshare is well known and very polished, there are a lot of other skill learning apps out there as well.

4 Strides (To achieve specific goals)

With as many as four unique tracker types the flexible Strides app allows me to track everything that concerns you in an extremely easy manner. Whether good or bad, with Strides you can keep track of anything,with charts to motivate you and reminders to hold you responsible.

The New York Times has reported that Strides is the “most.comprehensive user friendly, beautifully designed goal tracking app available”. For just $79.99,one can opt for a lifetime subscription of Strides, including unlimited access to premium content.

5 Indeed (For new jobs)

Through this free job-search app allows you to access opportunities for better placement, anytime from anywhere. The Indeed app makes use of work experience and preferences mentioned in your profile to match you with the right job as soon as possible.

All you need to do is to upload your personal data and relevant information on the Indeed app to show your talents to a prospective employer and make your next job be on the lookout for you.

6 bPunctual (Learn to be on time)

Arriving late for a meeting or struggling to reach the office on time are some habits some people find hard to break.The bPunctual app took shape just to help break this destructive lifestyle of the habitual latecomer.

The bPunctual app works with your mobile device or tablet in tandem with an online calendar to help you in becoming punctual for further meetings and appointments and reap the benefits.

7 Todoist (To become calm and focused)

Todoist makes each day feel calm and composed as it is designed to keep everything organized and accounted for, and allow you to focus on things that are more important for you.The app will always keep track of important tasks, and put you firmly in control.

Some key features of Todoist are:

  • Helps you remember dates and deadlines
  • Lets you organize tasks quickly
  • Ensure that all projects stay neatly in place
  • Focuses your energy on right things

8 Mint (Spend less and save more)

For tracking your finances, Mint is probably the best free budgeting app in business. Keeping track of money is a chore for some people,and something they find stressful and time consuming.

In addition to basic budgeting features, Mint provides bill payment reminders, alerts you when you overspend and monitors your credit score,saving goals, investment and net worth. YNAB (You Need a Budget) is another very popular budgeting app you might want to take a look at.

9 SmokeFree (Quit smoking)

Downloading the SmokeFree app on your smartphone will give you 24×7 support based on your smoking patterns and motivation to quit.This free app keeps a tag on your smoking history and provides tips tailored to inspire you and help you overcome the challenges associated when trying to quit smoking.

SmokeFree further helps you to understand the dangers of tobacco and build skills to become smoke free and stay that way.

10 Aloe Bud (Self-care)

Aloe Bud is a non-intrusive self-care app that uses different methods like breathing, hydration or reaching out to friends,in order to take care of your present self first.It focuses on raising awareness about the important activities of daily life in an encouraging manner by helpful reminders.

Simply put,Aloe Bud is geared to treat and improve one’s mental health,for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression or any other issue relating to mental health which needs to be properly addressed.

11 Forest (Productivity app)

Forest shows you how to detach from your smartphone and stay focused on other important aspects of life.This extremely popular productivity app,weans people away from their mobile addiction and teaches them how to spend time more meaningfully.

If you want to reduce distractions,spend less time on social media and stay focused,then the Forest app is what the doctor ordered for you.The app is free,you can plant trees at no cost and unlock additional features for as little as €0.99.

12 Fabulous (Personal growth)

This versatile app can be set up to help build positive habits for improvement in life-style.The app is tuned to send reminders for eating a healthy breakfast, staying hydrated and gradually improving the habits till you develop a fully functional morning routine.

Other key features which are in-built in Fabulous are meditation,yoga, workouts and stretching exercises. All seasons come with audio guidance and a screen image displaying the various positions to maintain fitness levels.

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