TSplus Remote Access – the Most Affordable Solution for UK SMBs Transitioning to Remote Working

In Covid -19, Quarantines, lockdowns, and self-imposed isolation have prompted millions of people worldwide to work from home, speeding up workplace experiments.

The constraints and benefits of remote employment are becoming evident as the pandemic progresses. At least some of those who work remotely have been displaced, thanks to the virus, which has broken down cultural barriers and technological barriers.

With a desktop that can be accessed anywhere and on any device, your whole staff will be able to work together. This seems to be the ideal way to boost productivity, especially after a pandemic that has caused a lot of people to leave their offices.

The technology is also viewed as an expensive fantasy, reserved for major companies and firms in the UK who can invest in IT projects. SMBs in UK may also struggle to justify the cost of solutions like Citrix or Microsoft RDS, which are often too expensive for most companies.

To mitigate this problem, TSplus Remote Access, the Most Affordable Remote Desktop Software in the UK, has come as a savior for many small businesses in the transition phase. TSplus Remote Access, in comparison with other major software, is quite affordable.

TSplus software was already famous before Covid -19, but it has gained extreme popularity and reached 5 million users worldwide. It has evolved with time and become a very mature product.

Small businesses win when they can minimize costs and maximize productivity. TSplus Remote Access software enables them to do both with their budget-friendly perpetual licence model. Buy once, use forever. As many other software developers move their products to subscription-only services, TSplus products set themselves apart by keeping all subscriptions optional. This gives small businesses maximum flexibility when choosing a Remote Desktop Access software solution.

Here is the list of some significant features of TSplus remote access software:

Access To RemoteApp

Even when you’re away from the office, you can access Seamless and RemoteApp applications and files.

Access it from any device

Your Windows applications can be accessed remotely via TSplus Remote Desktop on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Web-enable all applications

TSplus allows you to embed any desktop application directly into a web browser without modifying or rewriting any code.

Ease of Use

The users don’t need to learn anything new about TSplus. They can use the applications that already know. Training costs are saved.


It provides remote access solutions with TSplus Gateway and Load Balancing to all its clients – regardless of their number.

TSplus offers a wide range of remote work solutions to helps SMEs transitions to remote working, TSPlus other services are:

TSplus Remote Access which is the best alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS.

TSplus Remote Work which is the best solution to enable Home Working within any SMB.

TSplus Cybersecurity Multi tool software to protect your precious infrastructure.

Remote Support which is alternative for TeamViewer. It’s a fully web based Screen Sharing