The Internet is undoubtedly an integral part of day-to-day personal and professional life. Whether you are watching a video, loading a blog, or downloading an app, a slow mobile data connection loses your momentum and sometimes stretches the test of your patience level. 

Though it might work well after recharging your Android, interruption in it afterwards irritates you more than ever. 

The various reasons can range from Wi-Fi noise and router location to excess cache files and application types. If you have Samsung mobile 5g or 4g, we have proven tricks to speed up the Internet in a few minutes.

How to Improve Internet Speed

1. Restarting the Mobile

A quick restart can resolve any minor issues in the network speed. It is the easiest way to ensure that there is not a big issue yet. 

Alternatively, you can activate Airplane Mode that works exactly like restarting. After a few seconds, deactivate the icon repeating the step, thereby, check the loading speed.

2. Find and Clean the Top Mobile Data-Draining Apps

Usually, when your mobile gets overloaded with applications or contains some apps that drain a lot of mobile data by remaining active in the background, they result in slowing down your Internet speed. 

The reason is they need various resources such as storage space, bandwidth, mobile data, and more to manage their installation and operation on Android.

You can find such apps by going to the “Cellular” option in the “Settings” (on iOS) or the “Mobile Network” option followed by “Network & Internet” in the “Settings” ( on Android). Then, you can review here which app has used most of your data. 

After finding, you can anytime toggle the switch next to the app for disabling them to remain inactive in the background; Thus you can control the usage of mobile data.

Besides, don’t forget to turn off already inactive background apps and programs.

3. Try Changes in Network Settings

If your Android is 4G, but it seems stuck on 3G or 2G, the real culprit can be the mixed network settings in your phone worsening the internet speed. Hence, the quick tip is to reset the network settings. 

Resetting turns a mobile’s internet configurations to their default states and asks the device like a fresh beginning to choose 3G, 4G, or 5G depending on the situation.

Remember: Resetting can ask you for Wi-Fi passwords and other information.

Another scenario can be that you are in a crowded place where the connection may get interrupted while handling the traffic. At such times, it would be better if you switch to a less preferred 3G network to boost the speed there.

4. Use a Dedicated Cleaning Tool

Many cleaning tools would pause the working of applications, which drain the phone’s battery, hog the storage resources, or eat the mobile data. 

Also, the tool would give you the option of quick cleaning by identifying and getting rid of the hidden clutter, including temporary data, invisible cache files, too old data that is no longer in use, and more. Such a tool can be a virus clean-up or an ad blocker.

You may also manually clear the cache on the mobile browser which can be affecting your phone’s overall performance and contributing to slowing the speed.

Thus, there are various ways to fix internet speed from quick tips of restarting and resetting to downloading the cleaners and ad blockers.

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