Top Tips for Landing Roles in IT

If the Pandemic has left you with little work coming in, a career switch to IT could set you to rights.

IT is one of the best evergreen industries we have now. It has been growing in importance every year since the invention of the internet, back in the 70s. From the first moment the internet was turned on, people were trying to fix it. Those people were some of the earliest information technology technicians. Without them, the digital world simply does not turn.

When the Pandemic was in full swing and we were all stuck working from home, it was the information technology companies that kept us connected. They kept us talking to one another at work and in the family. They made our lives easier. 

Now that we are returning to the normal world, let’s review how you can get in on that evergreen industry and land you a career you can count on.

Tips for Finding IT Jobs

So, if you want to switch from an old job to something more stable, or if you just left college and are seeking work, here are our top tips for finding IT roles.

Find an IT Job Online

If you are ready to work, have all your qualifications, and are in need of a job, then finding an IT Project Manager Jobs online isn’t difficult. You can search Google, use a reputable job search site, or even apply at your local jobcentre, should you live in the UK.

For many of us, things aren’t as simple as just sending off a few CVs. Some of us have just been laid off from other industries. In this instance, you should start with the training process.

Finding IT Training Courses

IT is a multi-skilled area. You could have a specialty in Microsoft Office or a specialty in the architecture of websites, or anything in between. The fact of the matter is that an employer will hire someone who A) has the skills they need, or B) has a whole bunch of skills that they don’t specifically need right now, but which would allow them to bring in more work. 

If you are struggling to find a job in the IT world, you might need more strings to your bow. IT never hurts to add on courses, learn a particular software system, or handle other hardware, all of which can go towards bolstering your CV.

Getting Proactive

OK, so we don’t recommend that you go door to door with CVs anymore, but we do suggest you get proactive with your job search. The digital world always allows you creative ways to find potential employers. If you have a website, post that you are looking for work. If you have a CV, upload it to online job search sites so employers can reach you, instead of you doing all the chasing. 

Being proactive means creating a LinkedIn account and job hunting there, and it means getting on social media and seeing if any of your buddies can get you a shoe in. 

Job Hunting is Difficult

Job hunting in the IT field is difficult, but not impossible. Good luck out there. Though if you followed our hot tips on finding IT jobs, then you should do just fine.