Top Reasons Why Your Brand Needs IGTV to Open Up New Opportunities

Instagram has an awesome feature IGTV that lets brands share vertical, full-screen, and long-form content, specifically videos of 15 seconds to 10 minutes duration, which is an added benefit compared to the classic IG videos of one minute or so. Did you know that IG also supports videos of one-hour duration? Then, this option of 60 minutes video is solely for bigger brands or verified accounts.

Just as traditional TV, IGTV has channels. These are profiles of people creating videos and you can use the channel where your followers can see your brand videos shared via IGTV. This is an excellent feature that opens opportunities galore for your brand to take your social media strategy to the next level.

According to an article published on, with over 1.9 billion online video users globally, IGTV content will stay and help you grab new business opportunities. When it comes to the content on IGTV, it should be polished and outstanding. Your videos should look professional and not like your usual Instagram Stories or for that matter live streams. Here are some of the top rewards of IGTV to your business:

Entertain and educate your audience

Various studies indicate that demonstration and tutorial videos are quite popular, as far as video content is concerned. Therefore, brands can make the most out of IGTV’s vertical or long-form content. This exciting Instagram feature lets you promote your products or services in a smarter, better way. You can create interesting videos to show how to use your products, how they will improve customers’ lives, or how the products will make a difference to make customers’ lives simpler and solve their problems.

You may also create explainer videos through IGTV to introduce your brand, launch new products, or just share your brand story to your targeted audience.

Improve product or service visibility

You know that Instagram is the most effective and visually appealing social media site for businesses, big and small. Now that it supports vertical videos and long-form content, it helps you provide more opportunities to drive more traffic, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility including your products or services.

Several studies also indicate that internet video viewership is increasing at a steady rate, with an estimated number exceeding 236 million in the year 2020. Now, what does that imply? It means that IGTV has a great potential in assisting brands to increase their Instagram and video marketing reach and effort.

Help in building a community

For many years, short clips of approx two minutes duration were considered perfect when it comes to video content length. Then, things have changed of late, and people started viewing long-form videos. Video content that is longer than two minutes offer more opportunities to develop business relationships and associations with your community. IGTV has the flexibility to generate content that resonates with the feelings of your targeted audience, solves their problems, likes, interests, and things like that. If you know how to use IGTV to your benefit, it will help you buy IG likes and boost user engagement.

Result in more user engagement and lead conversions

As far as video marketing is concerned, it is one of the best ways to build engagement and improve conversions. Apart from the one-minute time limit, businesses can show their creativity in displaying their products or services through IGTV.

The more persuasive and creative your video content is better the possibilities of building engagement through comments, likes, and of course, shares. Again, IGTV helps you to integrate clickable links in the video description section, where you can direct your followers to the landing pages.

Make the most of long-form video

As far as IGTV is concerned, it is an IG solution to help you create long-form content. It’s the same as television apart from the fact that it’s suited for the digital landscape as well as perfect for smartphones or other mobile devices.

When you use IGTV as a brand, you can use a channel and not a profile with multiple benefits of using their broadcasting station and that too without creating a dent in your wallet. As IGTV was created to support vertical, long-form content, it is doing the things that Instagram alone or other platforms fail to do. The standard brands can make videos of 10 minutes duration and popular brands can share videos of up to one hour.

There are many benefits of long-form content including showcasing products, posting how-to videos, educating your followers, creating explainer videos, and building a community.

In the vertical smartphone form, IGTV lets you use a horizontal format too. It gives your brand more adaptability while making a video when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Then, keep in mind that long-form content may fetch you fewer views compared to snackable content, but it builds more engagement, which is a great benefit you can reap. Long-form content is beneficial at the lower phase of the marketing funnel instead of the top.

IGTV comes with a series option

IGTV has a hit series feature that you can use to your advantage. It will help you create playlists surrounding numerous themes or topics, playing automatically the sequence you prefer.

The benefit of this feature is that it organizes and classifies your awesome content in a manner that is beneficial and engaging to your followers. For example, rather than randomly filtering through video content, users go to the playlist directly that is related to their interest, be it how-to videos, or funny and lighthearted content.

The greatest benefit of the series option is that you can view the content inside the IGTV application as well as in your IG profile. It helps in bringing your series in front aware of your followers and build awareness about your brand.

The benefits of the series option have a couple of benefits. It motivates users to continue watching when a single video ends and the next one starts automatically. This way, do not like to tap on another video or swap channels.


When it comes to IGTV, it is the combination of Instagram and awesome video content in a single platform to give your business more opportunities for growth and product or service promotion.