Top Reasons To Enroll In An IB Diploma Program

Top Reasons To Enroll In An IB Diploma Program

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There are many reasons why the IB Diploma Program is gaining popularity all over the world. And we’re here to explain why, in this article. But first, what even is the IB Diploma Program? 

The IB Diploma Program is an educational program offered by the International Baccalaureate to high school students, mainly belonging to the age group of 16 to 19. This is mainly a pre-university program that adds one extra credit to your overall scorecard, giving you an upper hand among your batchmates who might not have one. 

The IBDP course has several advantages to it, and that’s what we’ll discuss shortly. However, the main reason it has such an international influence is that this degree is not limited to just some countries, rather is accepted all across the globe.

Take a look at the top reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to enroll in the IBDP course:

1. Multiple Academic Opportunities

Unlike many other subject-exclusive courses, the IB Diploma Course allows you to take up multiple subjects all at once. This saves you the dilemma of choosing a stream when none of the streams offers your desired subject combination. 

This course lets you make your own unique subject steam and pursue it. As a result, you get to explore more academic opportunities than just conventional ones.

2. In-depth Knowledge 

The IB Diploma Program is a knowledge-heavy program course. Since you get the liberty to choose your subjects, you need to ensure that the subjects you pick are the ones you’re interested in. 

This is because, for the next 2 years, you’ll constantly have to indulge in advanced-level knowledge learning of your chosen subjects. This is to make sure that you know the subjects you’re studying in and out!

3. Critical Thinking Ability

The IBDP focuses not only on the knowledge and theoretical aspects but also on critical thinking abilities. No matter what your subject choices are, you’ll be assessed on your critical and analytical skills in equal measure to the theoretical skills, paving the way for all-rounded development.

4. Activity-based Learning Opportunity

Apart from the typical assignments and essays, the IBDP will also require you to take part in extracurricular activities. 

These can be as diverse as joining an athletic team or taking part in organizing volunteer activities. Your C-A-S (creative, activity, service) will be graded based on these activities.

5. Comprehensive Course Structure

The IBDP Course consists of 6 internal assignments throughout the 2-year term, along with a 4000-word long extended essay. All of which are in addition to your C-A-S activities as mentioned above.

Among the three, the extended essay is the most comprehensive and time-consuming. You can take help from ib writers who are experts and can help you write your extended essay. This lengthy discussion helps you gain insight into real-world concepts besides textbook knowledge.

6. Time Management Skills

The extended essay is to be written in a 40-hour time frame. That is to say, you need to research, draft, and finalize the crucial 4000-word essay, all in those 40 hours. 

Of course, you’ll need to handle all of it while preparing for your internal assessments and participating in the C-A-S activities. All these tasks will eventually teach you how to manage time efficiently.


Let’s not forget that by working on these assignments for 2 years straight, you’ll end up acquiring extensive research abilities as well. Research, which normally seems to be an onerous task, won’t feel as difficult after completing your IBDP.

Earning your diploma will also let you introduce yourself to different cultures, help you learn new languages, and the list goes on. Thus, if you’re thinking about whether or not to take up the program, here’s your sign that you should go for it!

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Written by Joshua White

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