Top Notch Checkout Extensions To Boost Your Ecommerce Business Sale


Magento and WordPress are one of the dominant open-source platforms for eCommerce sites to make great headway in modernistic days. If you are a Magento user, you will be informed that many of the default Magento operations you cannot commonly find in the online stores. Though this is natural, it is the platform where you can find the explanation for your many business requirements and the developers of Elsner Technologies have built the best ecommerce extensions for your online shop.

With the help of Magento and Woocommerce extensions, you can accomplish the fulfillment of the online store and make it achievable in the internet landscape. Here is a list of some best eCommerce checkout extensions that you need to consider for bTo Boost Your Ecommerce Business Sale.

What is a customer-friendly checkout process?

When any user visits an e-commerce store for the first time they will first see the page loading speed and then its look. This will engage them for a while after deciding to take your products or services they will reach the checkout page. People usually avoid sharing too many details or complex processes during the checkout procedure. Let us improve your checkout process with some top extensions:

Monetico Payment Gateway WooCommerce

This plugin helps in accepting online payments in the WooCommerce using the Monetico Payment classic package. It is a customized payment gateway that is integrated into the e-commerce store to increase sales volume and improve performance. It gives the admin freedom to customize the feel and looks of the payment gateway through the Monetico account dashboard. It accepts payments using MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin

Accept online payments hassle-free by integrating the Stripe API into the WooCommerce store. This payment plugin completes the transactions on your e-commerce store without any redirects in a secure way. The best advantages of using this payment gateway are:

  • Admin can set the payment button on the cart or product detail pages for faster checkout
  • It offers a smooth transition from WooCommerce store to Stripe account
  • Customers can save their payment details for future purchases
  • Users can use various filters to view their login status, previous orders, and more

Cart Notices

This extension helps in adding messages or shortcodes to motivate the customers to take more services and boost your sales. There are various notices that one can set:

  • Current Order Amount
  • Referrer
  • Categories in the cart
  • Deadlines
  • Products in the cart

Admins can also set the limit of minimum and maximum quantities of specific products. This is a great method to improve conversion rates by giving customers amazing deals by spending more amounts. 

Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2

This extension is a great add-on when e-commerce store owners want to expand the business around the globe. It offers great scalability and flexibility when users want to accept payments in multiple currencies. Some features of this extension are:

  • Owners can accept all the currencies using the PayPal standard and PayPal express payment
  • It allows accepting payment in one currency more than the base currency
  • Customers can place an order at their convenience with their choice of currency
  • It offers a one-click installation
  • It is supported by the version of Magento namely 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, and 2.3.x

Product Recommendations Extension 

This helps users to easily access some products that they might like to purchase. This list is decided by users’ purchase history or their behavior on various social media platforms. There are different modules of this extension like:

  • Products that other customers have viewed
  • Products that have been purchased earlier
  • Combo of products that are bought together

Offering irresistible product recommendations during the time of purchase can increase your profit rate. This also improves customer experience and makes them you potential customers who will depend on your platforms for future purchases.

Moneris Hosted Paypage Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

E-commerce stores can now accept payments seamlessly in WooCommerce using the Moneris Hosted Paypage. This payment gateway redirects the customers to the Moneris secure servers during the checkout process to complete their transactions. It lets online stores accept payments through Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB.

PayTrace Payment Gateway

This extension makes your online transactions effortless, smooth, and fast to make sure that customers don’t abandon your e-commerce store. Many online stores face cart abandonment which reduces their rankings on the search engines. This payment gateway has been providing secure and user-friendly payment processing services globally. Some key features of this extension are:

  • It is compatible with the Magento version 2.2.x, 2.3.x, and 2.4.x
  • It allows completing transactions using Visa, American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and Discover
  • It uses the PayTrace Post API and PayTrace JSON API

One Step Checkout

Many customers exit the e-commerce store due to a complicated process during the checkout. To improve the customer experience on the e-commerce store you can integrate this extension and complete the checkout process using a single step. The checkout process includes billing address, shipping method, payment details, and shipping address can be completed in one step effortlessly. Some key features of this extension are:

  • Provides a user-friendly checkout process
  • Easy process of registration and login
  • Responsive on different platforms
  • Provides automatic shipping and payment updates
  • It can be configured easily from the admin dashboard


It is a great achievement if you have an e-commerce store these days. There are many challenges and risks to maintain your brand name in the digital world which already has great competitors for your business. It is essential to have some top-notch checkout extensions like Monetico Payment Gateway WooCommerce, One-step checkout, and more integrated into your store. Many plugins help in upgrading your store and provide a user-friendly environment.