Top MLB Trades That Will Definitely Shake Up The League

The second half of the 2021 MLB season is well underway and with it teams in contention for a postseason run are looking more poised than ever to be able to strengthen up their rosters wherever needed. If the odds and predictions in all of the top betting sports platforms are true, then this postseason is looking like it’s going to be a true race until the end with each run, each hit and each strikeout being as important as ever so of course, having a squad with as many top tier options in all positions is a must. 

With this said, here are our picks for the trades that will have the most influence and value for their teams in the second half of the 2021 MLB season.

Max Scherzer to the Dodgers, Because The Dodgers Are Not Playing Around

When you’re the defending World Series champion all eyes will be on your every move to see if you can put up another championship run the season after winning. When you’re the Los Angeles Dodgers it’s not only expected for you to put up that other championship run but also to make it in the most dominating fashion, basically showing up anyone and everyone who wishes to compete against you. So what did the Dodgers do further strengthen their roster, especially their rotation while looking towards a run in October? They went to the Washington Nationals and convinced them to trade their most dominant pitcher ever and a top caliber weapon for a serious postseason run, Max Scherzer.

The one thing the Dodgers needed most was to boost up their starting rotation, especially after injury scares have seen them have to deal with absences from some of their best aces like Clayton Kershaw, Dustin May, David Price. Also after having to deal with the sure departure of Trevor Bauer, who’s on an administrative leave after sexual abuse allegations against him surfaced, landing a pitcher of Scherzer’s potential is an absolute gem of a move for a team looking to repeat as World Series champions. Just picture it, a rotation with the likes of Kershaw, Buehler, Scherzer, Price, Urias and Gonsolin, who would seriously want to face that?

Joey Gallo To The Yankees, Because New York Needs More Hitting

Joey Gallo, the former OF/1B of the Texas Rangers is heading to New York in what can easily be considered one of the best trades of the season. While the Rangers gained for very good up and coming prospects from the Yankees, players who they can work with and shape up to become very important pieces for the Texas organization, the Yankees have received in return an immediate impact player with all-star qualities and an undeniable upside, one which made him one of the most desired players throughout the whole post all-star break trade period. 

With Gallo, the Yankees are receiving one of the most solid hitters in all of baseball, something that this team severely needs, especially after the underperforming and lackluster season their main offensive weapons have had. All this added to his top line defensive playing and his base running skills make Gallo a player that can easily become a top Yankee star in the last half of this season as well as next season and in the years to come.

Anthony Rizzo Leaves The Cubs For The Yankees

Ask any baseball fan around, especially any Chicago Cubs fans out there and they won’t hesitate to say that the 2016 World Series winning Cubs is the greatest team in franchise history. It’s not hard to see the reasoning behind this logic, given the fact that their 2016 triumph was the first after 108 years of waiting and waiting while living through one of professional sports’ most famous “curses”. One of the main leaders in that 2016 Cubs team was first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who is considered one of the most beloved Cubs players of all time. To say most if not all Cubs fans were blindsided with the news that Anthony Rizzo had been traded to the New York Yankees for two minor league prospects and a cash consideration is to put it lightly but, with Rizzo heading to the Yankees, it’s time to face reality.

The Yankees, who are in dire needs to turn their season around after going from top favorites not only in their division but also in their league to being an all-around disappointment can really benefit from having Rizzo around, especially given the fact that he’s set to hit the free agent market at the end of the year. His hitting powers and handy abilities when playing first base will definitely benefit New York greatly who can try and beef up a last chase for a spot in the playoffs. At the end of the day, the Yankees needed a player who could turn up with results right away and who is ready to win games, so giving up a couple of their best prospects in exchange for Rizzo is a great investment move for both teams.