Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are slowly but surely taking over every aspect of our lives. If you aren’t updated technology-wise, you might assume that our lives have nothing to do with AI. It is not something that only the tech-giants and “tech-preneurs” are interested in – it is also impacting our daily lives. Even if you do not know it, machine learning and AI-driven process are almost constant from the moment we get up in the morning till the night.

In the following section, we have gone over several daily instances where AI and machine learning has become almost indispensable

Phone applications and operations

Most of us use smartphones, and we do have a strong relationship with them every moment of our waking hours. The very first thing we do in the morning is switch on our smartphones. Most current-generation smartphones are unlocked through biometrics like face-ID, fingerprint, and other AI functionalities. iOS devices can even use a 3D face identification feature for absolute precision. Machine learning algorithms can capture as well as store images and determine within a split second whether the person trying to unlock the device is you or not.

Social media management

After unlocking the phone, we all check social media profiles and accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of us are interested in keeping ourselves updated about every global and local event, and social media allows us to do just that. However, it is vital to understand that artificial intelligence is working behind the scenes at all times to curate your feed according to your personalization and preferences. From figuring outposts and people, you might be interested, to filtering fake news and preventing cyberbullying – machine learning and AI programs can deal with every issue in real-time. 

E-mail and messaging services

E-mails and messages have become part and parcel of our lives. Most of us use tools like spell-checkers and Grammarly to compose error-free sentences and articles. It would be best to remember that these tools also use AI and machine learning for language processing. Spam filters are also built through AI platforms that enable filtering messages that have suspicious and malicious intent. It not only protects your personal e-mail account but keeps the entire process safe and free of phishing and other cyber threats. 

Google search is AI dependent

All of us need Google to search for answers, services, products, and research. Google and the searches are something that most of us cannot live without. Search engines can search the internet to provide you with the most relevant results within a fraction of a second. In the absence of machine learning and artificial intelligence, every internet search will be time-taking. Moreover, if you have wondered how certain ads and services can follow you around on every site, social media platform, or in applications – yes, machine learning and AI is the answer. 

Voice assistant tools

Many of us use voice-assistant tools for internet searches. Voice tools are faster since we do not have to punch in the keyword or search query. Devices like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home have become highly commonplace and accurate at providing you with the best results. Machine learning has allowed voice assistant tools to understand and use natural language processing to provide you with answers for every search query. 

Improving smart devices

With the advent of smartphones and the increase in their popularity, the trend has shifted towards even more “smart” devices. TV, refrigerators, thermostats, and other smart devices have now modified the way we are living in our homes. Smart homes are the new trend on the market, and most of the appliances use AI algorithms and machine learning to provide you with the best service at all times – with accuracy. 

Work commute

Work commute is no longer based on just Google Maps. Several travel apps can now monitor real-time traffic through satellite imagery and weather conditions. It allows you to avoid natural calamities, heavy rainfall, and gridlocks. While we are on the subject of commuting, we should also talk about self-driving cars that use advanced AI to map routes and navigate obstacles, even parallel park your vehicle for you in a tight spot. 

Banking processes

Banking processes in the modern-day and age cannot do without AI. Machine learning and similar algorithms allow banks and financial institutions to detect fraud. AI also enables high-security transactions. However, it is not just about the banks’ services; it is also about customer services. AI platforms also allow the alerts and messages you get from your bank for every transaction, debit, credit, low-balance alert, and log-in data. Keep in mind that is not all – when you make a purchase electronically, AI platforms will also validate the debit to verify the transaction’s legitimacy. 

E-commerce recommendations

All of us are big fans of shopping on e-commerce sites. Amazon and similar sites are incredibly adept at using AI and machine learning tools to provide you with choices and recommendations that you might like to purchase. E-commerce retail algorithms use machine learning to understand user preferences and patterns to give you the best results. Amazon also employs predictive analytics and similar tools to ship products closer to your location even before you “click-to-buy.” If you are looking for an AI platform for your e-commerce venture, please visit

AI algorithms on streaming sites

AI and machine learning help you with relaxing as well. At the end of the day, all of us like to rest while watching our favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix. These services use powerful AI tools to monitor site usage and provide every user with unique suggestions based on past choices. AI algorithms can provide specific results based on actors, time, genres, and languages. Machine learning tools regularly push notifications to provide you with the best service available on the platform, absolutely customized to your preferences.

So, you can see that it is challenging to do without AI in our lives. It is slowly but surely changing our lives for the better. 

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