Freight shipping requires expertise. You should be meticulous. Simple mistakes can cost your money and even customers. Customers demand the best services. They don’t want delays. Don’t list the wrong address. Get your packaging right. Use shipping container tracking. Avoid the following mistakes when doping freight shipping.

Don’t List Wrong Address

Listing the wrong address is a very big mistake. It can cost you a lot. Not only can it delay your shipment but it can also make you lose money.

Don’t Make Improper Packaging

Improper packaging can damage your freight. And this means unhappy customers and higher costs. So, be careful about how you pack and size your boxes. Make sure that your goods are properly secured to the pallets and not filled with overhanging packages.

Always consider column-stacking or interlocking-stacking your items. Secure them with stretch bands and wrap bands. For increased shock absorption and stability, consider adding some cushioning. This will ensure that your goods arrive in good condition.

Inaccuracies in Bill Of Lading

Freight shipping requires the right Bill of Landing. BOL is a binding legal document that instructs the driver and the carrier on how to process as well as invoice the shipment correctly.

Usually, the BOL should spell out the shipment date, the units, weight, names, address, freight classification, packaging type, etc. This information should be accurate. Double-check to ensure that all the details are correct.

Incorrect Weight, Class

Incorrect weight is a mistake. Also, get the freight class listing right. Not getting these details correct is a costly mistake. Don’t guess the details. For instance, guessing the weight will lead to additional fees. Also, improper freight class will cost you more money.

Lack Of Freight Insurance

Certain shippers will avoid paying for insurance in the name of reducing costs. On the surface, this option is cheaper. However, in case of damages, it will cost you dearly. Insurance is designed to protect you against loss of freight shipment. Remember, natural disasters such as theft, floods, accidents, etc. can happen.

Also, human mistakes can happen. For instance, package handling can lead to damage. To cushion yourself from loss, have the right insurance.


To avoid overpaying, use the right 3PL partner. A trusted partner will carry out meticulous audits of your freight invoices to make sure that all the details are correct. If there is a mistake, they will contact your carrier to correct the pricing mistake. Don’t pay more.

Failing To Palletize

Palletizing is time-consuming. It also takes a lot of effort. However, it’s important to palletize. It protects your goods against damages. Palletize the right way. Don’t cut shortcuts. Use the right materials to palletize. Hire the right people to palletize your cargo.

The Bottom-Line

The success of your freight shipping business depends on how you plan yourself. Remember, simple mistakes can mess up your business. Use the right address. Pay close attention to your packaging. Minimize billing or landing mistakes. Don’t make the above common mistakes when planning and executing freight shipping operations.  

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