An increasing number of bank customers prefer to minimize the need to visit branches. The upward trend in the number of offered applications in the banking sector indicates consumer demand, which is understandable for obvious reasons:

  • you can perform an operation anywhere, having access to the Internet;
  • customer data is securely stored;
  • simplified processes due to the adaptability of applications for a wide audience.

All this is important, but how to distinguish your product from hundreds of thousands of competitors? The answer is – to develop the design correctly! Mobile banking app developers require not only an understanding of the intricacies of visual perception, but also the ability to create a design that will promote product recognition, increase conversion and more.

What you need to know about developing banking applications?

Banks are incredibly slow in introducing new technologies. On the one hand, they can invest significant funds in fintech development, on the other hand, conservatism and bureaucracy remain a serious obstacle to progress. But new trends require new approaches to customer interactions. Application interface designs are one of the main stages of this interaction. But it all starts with research.

We carry out research on the Internet bank

Let’s start transforming the banking experience with a little research and explore the pain of real people associated with online banking. In fact, the bank of the future must take into account 7 basic principles:

1. Personalization

2. Transparency

3. Self-service

4. Priority to mobile format

5. Simplicity

6. Beauty

7. Integrity

Great, let’s take that into account and build on our strategy and architecture. Let these be the key performance factors to test the quality of our solution. In addition, understanding the main features of a successful banking application will serve as a starting point for design development.

Graphic design and interface

The main problem of most banks is that navigation is too complicated and confusing. The development of a simple interface will simplify the interaction of customers with your product, and will provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Tips for Building a Successful Banking Application:

  • Make your online banking useful. It should help you complete the most important tasks as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Let the online bank be clear. Attractive design and ease of use that should take your breath away.
  • The bank needs to take care. Supports and advises clients in a language they understand, like a best friend.

And now, it’s time to identify priority scenarios, because we need to understand what users expect from an online bank in the first place. How they will use it to solve their problems. These are the key scenarios for which we need to ensure maximum speed and simplicity in our mobile application.

Design and loading speed

The most popular banking app design trends do not include overly complex textures, oversaturation and play of colors. A restrained background is best perceived. By the way, the more dynamic elements are included in the design of your application, the longer it will take to load. Therefore, it is most correct to make a choice in favor of restrained tones, a minimum number of additional elements and a simple interface. Successful examples of companies allow us to assess the effectiveness of the correct design of applications, which made it possible to achieve:

  • user trust;
  • an increase in the number of interactions;
  • improve brand awareness;
  • take your business to the next level.

For the application, especially when it comes to the banking segment, it is extremely important to ensure the safety and comfort of use by the client. But the very first interaction, when deciding whether this user will become your client or not show interest, depends on the design. The picture – and only then the functional benefits. This is what the current trend of 2021 looks like.

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