Top bedroom set features for the techy geek

Today’s bedroom sets have many more pieces than just a bed and a couple of nightstands. Today’s matched bedroom sets also offer options for dressers, nightstands, media chests, armoires, wardrobes, and more. The complete bedroom set you decide on could have some or all of these pieces available, but you can always pick and choose which parts of the furniture collection you want for your bedroom.

The newest furniture collections are incorporating tech into as many aspects of its use as possible. As such, you can choose a bedroom set that meets all of your needs, even the techy ones. Here are the things to look for when furnishing a bedroom for the techy geek.

Charging stations are never a bad thing

The average American household has access to 10 smart devices – that’s a lot of USB chargers for one family. That’s why some furniture collections now come with pieces that can act as charging stations. Newer models have nightstands that plug into the wall and provide either USB ports or a touch charge for your smartphone or tablet. 

If you have multiple devices for personal and business use, additional charging stations are never a bad idea. Some bedroom sets meant for teens or young adults offer additional opportunities to charge devices with charging stations built into media centers, nightstands, or headboards.

Media chests

What would the techy geek be without their gaming consoles and sci-fi movies? In the past, television and movie lovers have placed their televisions on small tv stands or on top of dressers. But this isn’t really sufficient for today’s systems. In addition to having a place to set the television, you also have to store the gaming consoles, video games, movies, DVDs, and other media. 

The interior design industry’s answer to this problem was to design the media chest. This looks like just another dresser matched to your bedroom set, with these key differences:

  • The average media chest is a bit shorter than the average chest of drawers and some dressers. This gives it a bit more versatility.
  • In addition to the top surface, media chests usually have an open shelf with cord management features for placing game systems or media players. You could also use this shelf as an additional charging station for your laptops or larger devices.
  • Media chests often have a fewer number of smaller drawers, just enough storage for the average media lover. Your media chest can also double as a home office when paired with a half-bar-height chair, hiding away all traces of your “office” when not in use.

Not your average headboard

If you want to really make your bedroom furniture work for you, get a headboard built for your techy and nerdy ways. Headboards with built-in lighting for each side of the bed, as well as USB charging ports, are a great way to enjoy time lounging in bed without losing power. The recessed lighting also gives you a way to light your lap if you enjoy reading, sewing, or other idle crafts.

For more ideas on how bedroom furniture can be suited to the techy geek, check out bedroom sets catalog online.