Top 9 Meditation Apps to Stay Stress-Free in This Pandemic

Life already was stressful when the Coronavirus hit in 2020, which we are all suffering till today. The uncertainty, the chaos and the frustration of staying home boost stress levels like never before. However, while work from home continues, we need to keep our sanity levels in check. We live in the modern world where there are the best meditation apps to help people manage stress. Ensuring mental wellbeing in the time of social distancing is perceivable with these applications. Many entrepreneurs are even benefitting from the lockdown by building innovative medication apps with the services of a mobile application development agency. Read more to learn the benefits of meditation apps.

List of the Best Meditation Apps 2021

In these pandemic circumstances the world is under so much stress, you would not want to take the hassle of downloading the wrong meditation app. We will help you with this with our list of top meditation apps. For 2021, using these applications is a must. The list is as follows:

  1. Calm: Topping the list as the best meditation app for anxiety, users can develop effective mindfulness and meditation content. There are guided audio meditation clips whose lengths range from three to twenty-five minutes. Calm offers users important tools to embark on their mindfulness journey. Starting from exercises for kids to calming musical tracks, everything is present within the app. The app is known for its mood check-in feature. With this feature, a user can reflect on his daily feelings and gain prospects for re-centering focus for the time ahead. Users can download this app on iOS.
  1. Stop, Breathe & Think: With so much going in our lives and the world, it is easy for anyone to lose their cool. But we can combat it with the help of top meditation app like Stop, breathe & think. When using this app regularly, the user will automatically stop and pause, freaking out or panicking. Exploring effective mindfulness is possible with this app. There is a quick survey that users need to answer for the app to assess their current mood. Depending on that, the user is assigned a session. You can download this app for your android and iOS devices as it’s available for both iOS and Android platforms.
  1. Headspace: Headspace is the best meditation app for anxiety available in the current times. Let us validate our point with reasons. The application comes with easily digestible visuals, arable meditation plans and clear explanations. The 10-part basics course of the app comes for free, and this equips users with mindfulness essentials. Meditations are even streamed in real-time under the “Everybody Headspace” that the app has recently launched. Downloading this application is possible on both Android and iOS platforms. 
  1. Simple Habit: One of the best meditation apps, the Simple habit app helps us a lot, sometimes focusing on ourselves every day. The very idea of the app was to persuade users to take out 5 minutes from the day for practicing meditation. The app intends to promote optimum wellbeing and mood for the users. The meditation app comes with more than 1500 varied sessions that speak about situations like an absence of focus, managing morning anxiety, and many more. Download on iOS and Android today to focus on your welfare and happiness. 
  1. Sanvello: If you are searching for a self-care toolkit, then Sanvello is a name to consider. There is everything in this app with a community area, longer exercises, habit tracking, meditation, and journaling. Using this app is convenient as it comes for free. The app includes doctors, researchers and therapists; thereby, users only use tested and tried techniques. There are CBT activity offerings that are functional for supporting meditation sessions. Download on both iOS and Android today.
  1. Buddhify: Gripping over meditation is a challenging task. Simplify it with the best meditation app for sleep which is Buddhify. The colorful interface of the application comprises practical meditations that integrate seamlessly into the daily routine. You don’t need to roll a subscription at first to use it. There is a free trial available that users can opt for. Buddhify is a cost-effective option for both Android and iOS users.
  1. Insight Timer: The mobile application development agency now offers numerous social meditation apps like Insight Timer to participate in group meditations. Users can invite friends to join in sessions, check the people who are meditating nearby, etc. There are more than 30,000 guided meditations available. Sometimes daunting for a beginner, the application comes with diverse and rich features powering users in their mindfulness journey. 
  1. Prana Breath: A simple to use advanced training application, Prana breath is one of the best meditation apps. A user can boost his meditation practice gradually with time. Either the user can go by the objective he wants to achieve, go by length like memory enhancement, etc. Most importantly, the app contains meditation routines that help people manage emotional eating and quit smoking. The Guru version of the app comprises more features that incorporate health tests, assorted breath training and training options. This app is only for Android users.
  1. Oak: Today’s stressful work life is compelling people to get hold of the best meditation app for sleep. High-functioning apps meet the rising demand by the mobile application development agency. One such application is Oak that brings numerous quick exercises together. Users can maintain their sleep, find peace and calm down more easily with this app. The app works by tracking the number of sessions a user took, the number of breaths the user has taken, and many more. This application is accessible only for iOS and iPhone users.

Final Say

Meditation apps are not just meant for helping people deal with stress. It is also about changing the mindset so that a person can lead a fulfilling and happy life. So these are the best meditation apps for you that you can always keep handy on your phone. Transform and transcend all unpleasant situations with ease with these apps. Speaking of apps, if you have an idea and want other people to benefit from it, contact a mobile application development agency for application development.