Top 8 Advantages Of G-Suite For Businesses

Title: Top 8 Advantages Of G-Suite For Businesses

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Google’s tools and services help marketers, developers, and other professionals enhance their productivity and engage more people with their brand. G Suite, which is developed and marketed by Google, provides a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products. This includes Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Forms, and many more. These tools allow the user to work from anywhere and any device.

However, protecting and encrypting the data on G Suite is essential. System administrators should follow the g suite security best practices which Google recommends. The most fundamental step for G Suite security is to choose a strong password and monitor its strength. Moreover, the G Suite administrators should not allow less secure apps to access the user’s Google accounts.

G Suite business is growing at a fast and healthy rate. G Suite productivity software for businesses, schools, and governments had more than 6 million paying customers in March. Apart from the enterprise plan offered by G Suite, it also has specific free, secure tools which can be used for easy collaboration and seamless communication. 

Here are the top 8 advantages of the G Suite for businesses. 

· Get a Business Email

To give a professional appeal to your business, you can upgrade and custom your email according to your company domain. You can create personalized email addresses for your business, i.e., instead of using [email protected], you can customize it to use it as [email protected] A custom email with a personal touch is more likely to attract customers. They will respond to your emails if it has a sophisticated look to it. 

A custom email is a professional version of Gmail. Hence, it can be used easily by the employees. Business emails have extra security features, spam protection, and automatic backups to protect your business data.

· Unlimited Storage Space

Since G Suite is a cloud-based platform, organizations can store unlimited Gmail messages, Google Photos, and files in Drive. While a free Google Account comes with limited storage capacity, upgrading it allows the users to enjoy unlimited storage according to the user’s subscription plan. The data on G Suite can be accessed from any location easily. 

Typically, organizations with four or fewer users, get 1 TB of Google Drive storage for each user. G suite has data migration tools and services which allow you to migrate the data from your current storage solution.

· Improved Team Collaboration

G Suite has rapidly established itself as a platform for seamless team collaboration. G Suite can check data leakage, which supports enhanced data security. The out-of-band API visibility and control for audit and compliance allow the users to control the apps connected with Google. G suite apps will enable you to work with your team on the same document simultaneously. The document edits are shown in real-time, and it is automatically saved in the cloud. By determining the access rules, you can choose the users who can edit capabilities and other roles for improved collaboration.

· Enhanced Data Security

G Suite offers the system admin to control the configuration and application settings. This helps to streamline authentication, asset protection, and operational control. Google Drive allows you to save the data on the cloud securely. You can easily access the files from the Drive without worrying about saving your files and documents on your computer and devices.

G Suite administrators can also enable multi-factor authentication and security keys to add extra protection to the files and documents. 

· Cost Savings

Besides G Suite’s features for extensive data storage, easy collaboration, and enhanced security which reduces the likelihood of a data breach, it is also a very cost-effective option. You can enjoy eDiscovery capabilities, unlimited cloud storage, Open API, archiving, and audit controls for a reasonable subscription plan. This helps to reduce capital and operating expenses.

· Availability

G Suite is a flexible solution for every business. You can access the documents stored on the Google apps 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the G Suite for business services.

· Organize with Google Calendar

Your organization can use Google Calendar to schedule meetings, share schedules, and collaborate on team calendars. With integrated online calendars designed for teams, you will spend less time planning and more time doing. Google Calendar can seamlessly integrate with your Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, and Meet so that you are constantly updated on what to do next.

· Google Vault

Google Vault allows you to retain, hold, search, and export users’ G Suite data. This data encompasses the Gmail messages, Drive files, Google Chat messages, Google Meet data, Google Groups messages, Google Voice for G Suite text messages, voicemails, and transcripts. Hence, it allows you to track your corporate data from G Suite products easily.

To Conclude:

G Suite provides flexible solutions for every business. G Suite tools allow you to integrate, customize, and extend the workspace to meet your team’s demands. G Suite will enable companies to expand their productivity with collaboration tools and services.