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Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Criminal Defense Lawyers

It’s frightening to be charged with a crime when you think you could spend time in prison. Even if you are acquitted, it may damage your reputation and jeopardize your future.

You’ll have to face many complex challenges in the criminal justice system and various outcomes that could affect your future and freedom.

Therefore, seeking a competent criminal defense attorney who can best serve you should be your priority. Yet, there are some crucial factors to consider when selecting criminal defense lawyers.

Here are seven of those factors that we recommend you take into account before choosing your attorney.

Experience Level

It would be best if you had a lawyer defending you and giving you legal advice to be well-versed in the law.

Look for a lawyer who has expertise in all types of courts. These include the municipal, county, federal, and superior courts. This is important as court jurisdictions will overlap, and judges and juries may hear your case in more than just one type of court.

The attorney’s success rate is just as significant as the degree of expertise. There is no replacement for real-world experience, and performance without experience is meaningless when dealing with the repercussions of a crime.

The best lawyer has a strong track record and a proven track record of success. And many have gained experience in specific areas of criminal law.

For example, you might have been charged with and wondering what is aggravated battery? Certain attorneys have extensive experience just dealing in this area of the law, and they’re the guys you need to talk to!

Avoid Public Defenders

Although it might be tempting to hire a public defender to save money on legal fees, most are inexperienced and overburdened with cases. As a result, they have little time to respond to your concerns and are less likely to devote their efforts to fighting on your behalf. 

If you value your freedom and want your case to be given the attention it deserves, then your best chance is to pay for legal representation.

Local Knowledge and Connections

It is highly beneficial to have an attorney with local ties and knowledge about people within the court system.

Someone with a lot of connections has a greater understanding of local practices and first-hand experience dealing with judges and prosecutors. For instance, they might know who takes plea bargains seriously and who doesn’t.

They’ll be better equipped to develop a winning plan to positively shift the case’s outcome if they have this valuable experience of the local legal landscape.

Meet Them in Person

Websites, social media, and testimonials of prospective lawyers can all be helpful, but nothing compares to meeting with them in person.

Go for your free consultation – which most reputable law firms will give you. This way, you can get a picture of the lawyer’s personality, see if they make you feel at ease, and find out if they are sympathetic to your situation.

Also, do check their references and reviews, and don’t be scared to ask questions. After all, if you’re in a serious situation, this person may be your ticket out of it!

Are They Certified by the Board?

Criminal defense lawyers who are board-certified are some of the best out there.

Your lawyer should assure you that they are knowledgeable in the area of law in which you need legal assistance. So in your case, an effective and vigorous defense is more likely when a lawyer specializes in criminal defense.

Furthermore, they should have had many jury trials and a solid reputation with judges and prosecutors.

Time Is of the Essence

If lawyers are wasting time in your case, it can go against you in a manner of ways.

Ensure your solicitor is free to answer your first call and responds to your questions promptly. Initial and subsequent meetings should be scheduled as soon as possible by an open and available lawyer.

If they aren’t time-efficient, it can make you look bad and take your anxiety to new levels. Also, terrible time-keeping a sign that the lawyer you’re dealing with is either unprofessional or possibly swamped with other cases.

What Are Their Fees?

What price are you willing to pay for your freedom?

Cheap lawyers are appealing if you’ve met them and get a good vibe. However, make sure to meet lawyers with higher fees to compare how they act with you and look into your case. You might be surprised how different their approaches can be.

Then again, the most expensive fees aren’t always in your best interests either. But as a general rule of thumb, less experienced lawyers tend to charge lower rates – so typically, you get what you pay for.

When you are researching, some sound advice is to make sure you are comparing lawyer fees as you go along. Also, set yourself a realistic budget to refer to when scanning through the different law firms you’re checking out.

Selecting Criminal Defense Lawyers With Confidence

Now that you’ve looked through our seven factors to consider before selecting criminal defense lawyers, you should feel more confident. Follow this advice, and the chances of you getting the best legal representation for your needs should increase. 

And don’t forget to take advantage of those free consultations offered by reputable firms out there. Meeting lawyers in person is one of the best indicators for knowing if you can work together and get your case nailed.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your case! If you have the time, please feel to check out more useful articles on our blog.