Top 6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Colocation India

Top 6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Colocation India

Colocation is the facility provided by the data center in India where you can rent equipment, space, and bandwidth for computing services, known as colocation services for your business. In other words, colocation India can also be described as the placement of several entities in a particular location. It serves as an excellent opportunity for businesses that want to streamline server operations. You get the possibility to outsource power and bandwidth costs by leasing space in a data center while preserving complete authority over hardware and data. It helps you save huge expenses that have to be spent while keeping servers on-site and lets you avoid spending money on their maintenance and security facilities.

It will be best if you consider some of the significant factors before buying colocation India from any of the data center service providers in India to achieve the reliable and best facility of the Indian data center for your business.

Top 6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Colocation India or a Data Center in India

Here are the principal six factors that you must count on before you pick colocation India.


You must make sure that the colocation fee offered by the data center in India involves a high level of security to protect your server and business data from any external attack and vulnerability. You should get yourself a colocation facility with 24/7 video surveillance, a perimeter fence, key card access, mantraps, biometric scans, and many more security features as standard. Compromising with security will mean putting all your investment and web data at a huge risk that can lead you to face unexpected business loss. 

Facilities and Operations  

There are many day-to-day operations involved with server maintenance that require excellent facilities working consistently for your servers. You should ensure that the data center India you pick involves critical environment equipment, facility upkeep and repair, and critical infrastructure under the facilities and operational costs. There are many other benefits a data center in India can offer you in its facilities to enhance your colocation experience, such as onsite parking, office space, conference rooms, food and beverage services, etc. Many colocation providers offer such commodities as standard, whereas others can charge you for the same. However, the low-end facilities do not render them at all.


You must opt for the data center in India that is situated at the disaster-free location. Before picking any colocation provider, you should ask specific questions in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and verify if there has happened any natural disaster in the last ten years at the location. If the answer comes to be yes, investigate whether there was downtime in the businesses due to the incident.

Speed and Latency

The speed is another crucial factor as it determines how fast the signals travel through a network. It is also a deciding factor about the time it takes for a server to respond to a query. Check for the transfer rates that are measured in Gbps. It will tell you how fast data travels across the network under the specific data center in India. Additionally,  server response time in milliseconds (ms) also infers the speed. It includes the time between a request and a server reply. For instance, 50 milliseconds is a fast response time, 70 milliseconds is a good response time, and anything over 200ms might lag considerably. You can discover this factor through geo-location as well. However, it is a fact that the server response time elements differ significantly among different usage cases. 


Make sure your data center in India contracts directly with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to obtain hundreds or thousands of megabits per second. It must have the investment in high-end fiber optic cables for maximum interconnectivity. Their scale and expertise should assist your business to achieve a better price than in-house networks. In case your internet provider goes down, you must be able to transfer your critical workloads to a different provider and manage the service.

Remote Hands – Onsite Troubleshooting

You should find a colocation provider that incorporates the managed services may be at an additional fee. The services should comprise changing malfunctioning hardware, monitoring, management, patching, DNS, SSL management, etc. Your provider will generally charge by the hour for remote hands.

Why is Serverwala the Best for Colocation India?

Server wala data center in India is the leading and biggest data center in India. It offers you reliable and best types of colocation types including –

Shared Space

It allows customers to host their rack-mounted server in IDC Rack in the data center in India. It will let you mount the server inside the Rack utilizing a rail kit. Moreover, Servers can be connected to a shared or dedicated band for internet access.

Rack Colocation

In this type of colocation service, you can bring your own Rack where servers can be mounted inside the India data center’s Rack. Server wala will provide the power and network as per part of the rack colocation. You can have 1U/2U as well as multiple U/tower servers as long as there is space in the Rack.

Cage Colocation

This Colocation type in national data center India provides a dedicated cage area for those who have multiple racks. It will be a dedicated and restricted area. Also, it will get locked, and the access will be limited. You can customize your needs, such as bandwidth and your own Rack, while having complete control over the server and network.

Apart from the available colocation types, Serverwala national data center in India renders the following privileges to its customers –

  • A global network of data centers that are located in both US and India 
  • High-tech multilayered security
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Increased reliability and scalability with the high-density data centers in India
  • Connection with the infrastructure environment with the Serverwala datacenter in India interconnection and hybridization facilities
  • Multiple battery backup

Browse the Serverwala’s official website to grab further information about its services and facilities –