Top 5 Upgrades We’ll See in the Near Future in Web Development

Credentials Management


Password autofill functionality is one of the simplest tools that may raise the conversion rate of your web platform. There are also autocomplete attributes, that can be assigned to the type fields. Such attributes like “password”, “name”, and “phone”, can help the browser identify which information is required from the user and automatically fill in this data.

Seamless Payment Methods


Usually, we see a number of people abandoning a purchase because of the checkout form. The best way to overcome this issue is by using a new payment method like PayPass by MasterCard. PayPass can automatically fill in all user’s delivery data at the time of payment effectively removing the tedious process of checkout.

Faster Video Playback

Audio and video now constitute 70% of the content crossing the internet. And there are even higher requirements for this kind of content. Fast playback, the ability to watch videos everywhere, no matter the connection quality, and great UI is the anatomy of a great video experience.

There is a bunch of technologies that allow fintech developers to preserve that experience. The first one is adaptive bitrate streaming. The tech allows to encode the video at multiple bit rates and take the needed one depending on the connection quality the user is having at the moment.

The second one is pre-caching the first few seconds of the video. This allows you to instantly play the content without waiting. This simple tech allowed web developers to get playback from over 3 seconds before the video started to about 100 milliseconds.

Better Audio Experience

One of the things we’ll see upgrading is a lock screen. The phone is in the lock mode for about half of all time. And there are a lot of cases when the user might not want to watch a video or a content, but just listen to the audio.

If what you’re dealing with is the audio then there is a great use case for you- the Media Session API. It allows developers to put your metadata and images on the lock screen as well as on wearable devices. It’s also great for the users because they can tell what’s going on on their device and they can control it.

Live Streaming

Let’s talk about another part of communication which is live streaming. If you’re sending a video to 10 people they probably want to communicate with you. If you’re sending the video to a million people they probably want to communicate with each other.

And the web has a pretty unique advantage in terms of the way people use it. If you want to share something you’ll simply send a URL and your peers won’t have to download the app. But the truth with live streaming is that there is a whole infrastructure challenge underneath the hood. Some challenges can be solved with the playback technologies mentioned above. The other with CDN and better hardware infrastructure.

Bottom Line

The beauty of the web is that users have so many options to choose from. They can use whatever browsers they like and the content they prefer. So the web is kind of mix of different kinds of web apps, websites, and services. And you too can choose from so many technologies and services. You can decide which one will power your app, and which one will supplement it in a unique way. Just make sure to have the right web developer that will make your wants come true.