Top 5 movies with the most heart-breaking ending

When it comes to movies, some endings have the power to leave a long-lasting heartbreaking impression that makes tears stream down the faces.  In this article, we have listed down the “Top 5 movies with the most heart-breaking ending” according to the replies received for the below question on the AskReddit thread.

1. Life is Beautiful

This movie is based on a story of an open-minded Jewish waiter & his son who become victims of the holocaust, he protects his son from the dangers  with a mix of will, humour and imagination.  

  • Director ; Roberto Benigni
  • Writers ; Vincenzo Cerami(story by) | Roberto Benigni (story by)
  • Stars ; Roberto Benigni | Nicoletta Braschi | Giorgio Cantarini

Movie ending scene

2. Grave of The Fireflies

It’s a story about a young boy who struggles to survive world war 2 in japan with his little sister. 

  • Director ; Isao Takahata
  • Writers ; Akiyuki Nosaka(novel) | Isao Takahata
  • Stars ;  Tsutomu Tatsumi(voice) |  Ayano Shiraishi(voice) |  Akemi Yamaguchi(voice)

Movie ending scene

3. The Green Mile

The guards assigned to Death Row have their lives impacted by an inmate, a man who is accused of committing crimes such as murder and rape but possesses a strange and mysterious ability.

  • Director ; Frank Darabont
  • Writers ;  Stephen King(novel) | Frank Darabont(screenplay)
  • Stars ; Tom Hanks | Michael Clarke Duncan | David Morse

Movie ending scene

4. Million-Dollar Baby

A determined woman teams up with an experienced and tough boxing coach to achieve her goal of becoming a professional boxer.

  • Director ; Clint Eastwood
  • Writers ; Paul Haggis(screenplay) |  F.X. Toole(stories from Rope Burns)
  • Stars ;   Hilary Swank | Clint Eastwood | Morgan Freeman

Movie ending scene

5. Bridge To Terabithia

The life of a young boy, who is a preteen, is drastically changed when he makes a new friend, a girl who has just joined the school, together they create a vivid and imaginary world to escape the difficulties of reality.

  • Director ; Gabor Csupo
  • Writers ; Jeff Stockwell(screenplay) | Katherine Paterson(book)
  • Stars ; Josh Hutcherson | AnnaSophia | Robb Zooey Deschanel

Movie ending scene

Those are the  “Top 5 movies with the most heart-breaking ending” according to the Reddit thread on the opinions of different individuals around the world. Which movie ending broke your heart? comment below. 

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