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Top 5 Machine Learning Trends Of 2020

In 2020, many technological advancements have happened and the revelation continues. One of the most effective AI developments, Machine Learning, will continue powering highly futuristic technology. 

If you are pursuing a machine Learning career, you are in for a treat because the developments being made to meet the industry trends are memorable. What are these industry trends? Here are the top 5 machine learning trends of 2020:

Business forecasting

Business intelligence solutions have been one of the hottest developments in the machine learning sector. These solutions have been integrated with big data tools and their primary goal is analyzing the information and drawing conclusions. Business forecasting tools can help decision-makers in companies to make decisions of actionable intelligence provided by machine learning solutions. 

The rising trend of using machine learning in this capacity will help reduce or completely eliminate human error in sensitive decisions. For example, one of the most unpredictable finance sectors, the foreign exchange, can be predicted with greater accuracy using machine learning. 

Businesses can then use that data to make profitable decisions regarding selling offshore and best times to ship items. The trend of providing conclusive business intelligence using machine learning will accelerate and gain traction exponentially in 2020. 

The reason is that this technology is starting to be more reliable, especially with anomaly detection seizing the day. Anomaly detection can produce business intelligence without being swayed by false-positives. Such reliable machine learning technology will contribute to accurate forecasts resulting in trustworthy business intelligence.

Biometric Security Solutions using AI

Biometric access control has become a norm nowadays since the latest smartphones have fingerprint and face recognition screen lock. The technology powering such developments is Machine Learning. In 2020, the trend of using machine learning in this capacity will continue to gain power with advanced solutions being developed. 

Technology researcher and essaywritingservicereviews at say that Amazon has indicated that they are willing to further this technology by using voice-matching algorithms to differentiate who is talking. Amazon’s Alexa uses a preexisting voice profile to differentiate the person using this device at that time. Machine learning is used to match the voice and this shows great advancement made in this field. 

Voices can be ambiguous and very similar at times but the capability to differentiate them accurately indicates the strides this field has taken. There might be developers that adopt this biometric technology and use it as a security measure of a device or restricted access area. 

Also, there is a face anti-spoofing system developed. The anti-spoofing technology secures the restricted access device or area from breach attempts made by an imitation that is not a real face.

Hybrid Deep Learning

Hybrid deep learning is another concept that will be one of the most common trends in 2020. The use of hybrid deep learning can help robotics developers come up with much safer and stable solutions that use physics and AI-powered control algorithms. These secure solutions can make workplaces much safer and reduce accidents that are caused by robotic systems. 

This technology can also help where there is not enough data or specific challenges hindering traditional deep learning. That is because it can be used in conjunction with other frameworks like casual and symbolic reasoning. 

The technology behind the conjoined use of these frameworks has been tried and tested but they still need to be tested in a scaled environment. Hybrid deep learning will become one of the hottest trends because of the possibilities it holds.

A breakthrough in this technology will make the possibilities seem endless for the integration of machine/deep learning and other frameworks. There is a lot of research and tests being run on this model and hopefully, the results will uncover one of the greatest breakthroughs in AI.

Augmented Intelligence 

There is great concern in the development of AI-powered robotic solutions, especially amongst the working class. People have rightfully complained about AI developments eliminating the human workforce and rendering this development unsustainable.

To make AI and machine learning developments more sustainable, Augmented Intelligence has become one of the trending solutions in 2020. Augmented Intelligence brings together the finest technology developments and human intelligence to form a sustainable workforce. 

The development of Augmented Intelligence solutions will accelerate in the years leading up to 2023, starting in 2020. With this model, both parties are satisfied because the human workforce does not lose its jobs and employers can save costs while being more productive.

By 2023, it is predicted that Augmented Intelligence will constitute 40% of large corporations. That means a lot of work has to be done from 2020 to meet the expectations predicted by Gartner. There is a lot of money being invested in this research and development project that will lead to positive results in making the digital transformation sustainable. 

Scaled adoption of IoT

The development of the Internet of Things has grown so much and constitutes a large amount of machine learning research and implementation projects. In 2020, the money invested in the development of IoT solutions will reach $1 trillion. That estimate gives you an idea of the type of technology and devices expected in 2020.

Preexisting tools will be modified and upgraded and the research of new solutions will be accelerated to meet the growing demand. Beyond 2020, people will only be required to do the bare minimum tasks because IoT is aimed at simplifying the lives of all individuals to a great extent, said John O. from custompaperwritingservice.

Also, the acceleration of this machine learning development will make IoT accessible to most people. Not forgetting the job opportunities that might arise from this trend alone. IoT will get much scalable and inclusive during the year 2020 while creating amazing opportunities for developers and machine learning researchers.

The bottom line

Machine learning will get highly advanced in 2020 with all the research funding that has been made available. There are also a lot of developers and researchers that will be part of this industry this year to meet the growing demand for this sector.