Think back two decades. Were people as fit then as they are now? Health and fitness have become more common because firstly, there’s awareness about the topic; second, following a structured workout program is easier than ever. Sports nutrition companies are creating mass-marketed products that just about every fitness enthusiast takes advantage of. These nutritional supplements help people achieve their fitness goals while staying healthy in the process.  

Millions of people worldwide lost unhealthy weight and started living healthy with the help of diet aids. Though you should consume as much natural food as possible, sometimes you need supplements to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs. If you are looking for the right fitness supplements for yourself, this is the right place. Here are the top five fitness supplements that help you live longer. 

Whey protein

A muscular physique means that you probably have a good metabolism. It also means that you are less likely to suffer from fat-related illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol, and gastrointestinal and heart issues
It’s always a good idea to do some background checks on the supplements that you are taking. Many people are actively taking up careers in research after developing an interest in nutrition. A masters in clinical research online won’t just open doors for you in your career, but it might just help you on your fitness journey as well.You might also want to read more about protein powder without artificial sweeteners which can be helpful for you in your fitness journey.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is one of those super minerals/ vitamins that does just about everything. This supplement is excellent for both the average joe and a full-time athlete. Not only has it shown results in preventing heart disease, but it even plays a role in avoiding depression and anxiety as well. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of myprotein student discount on Omega 3 supplements today and get the health benefits you need for less!

It is also instrumental in improving brain function. In general, you may see an increase in your higher-order functioning after consuming Omega 3 supplements. It could also significantly improve your thought process and help you remain focused throughout the day. Furthermore, Omega 3 helps in preventing Alzheimer’s.


You might not think of zinc when it comes to the best fitness supplements, but it’s certainly right up there with the best of them. Zinc is said to have a direct relationship with testosterone. If you aren’t already aware, testosterone is the male sex hormone that acts as a key player in muscle development and human growth hormones. Libido functioning is also directly related to how much testosterone you have in your body. 

Zinc is also a great immunity booster and can fight off a range of illnesses from meningitis to pneumonia. It’s also somewhat effective in fighting off other diseases as well, helping you build more robust immunity. You might be able to feel the effects if you consume about 10 grams a day for a few months. 


Creatine plays a unique role in fitness like no other supplement. It has shown positive effects on muscle size, increases endurance, and boosts overall performance. It’s not as great as protein for building muscle but an excellent supplement if you use it with whey protein. 

The only issue with creatine is that you must cycle it on and off to reap endurance benefits. A one month on one month off regime might be the best thing for you. Just make sure you read up on how to take creatine and its role in water retention because excess creatine is known to cause long-term kidney problems. 


Another frequently consumed supplement is Glutamine. Along with other non-essential amino acids, Glutamine plays a significant role in protein synthesis. It acts as a building resource for protein and can help recovery after a strenuous workout, meaning you are less likely to be sore the next day. 

It also plays a unique role in protecting you from diseases and harmful bacteria. Glutamine aids the immune system and even helps promote digestion. It is known to prevent bacteria from entering your gut and making you sick. An infection in the intestines could prove to be deadly if you ignore your diet. So yeah, Glutamine might help you live longer in a broader sense. 


It’s always a great idea to try and get the most out of your food. Eat protein-rich/ nutritious food as often as possible when focusing on health and fitness. However, we understand that there is only so much you can eat. Supplements make your fitness journey more manageable, but in no way should you use them as a meal replacement. Food comes first. 

Use supplements to assist you in your fitness goals but don’t rely on them. The best part about these supplements is that they perform several functions rather than just one. Other than performance in the gym, you might notice yourself feeling generally healthier. 

Please consult a doctor before starting new supplements. Nine times out of ten, there is no issue, but you never know what medical problems may arise if you put synthetics substances in your body. 

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