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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Business Lawyer

Did you know that 43% of all small businesses are threatened with a lawsuit?

One recent study showed that anywhere between a third and half are sued in a given year. That can cost a small business thousands of dollars.

Hiring a business lawyer early in your business can protect you from a lawsuit. It can also ensure the difference between surviving legal threats and having a thriving business.

What should you look for in lawyers for business? Keep reading to discover the top five factors to look at when hiring a business attorney. If you are from LA then you can use this link Los Angeles attorney for asset protection

1. They Get Your Business

It’s important to hire a business lawyer that understands your industry. That’s because every industry has certain risks.

For construction companies, they have to protect themselves from employee injuries and demanding clients. Healthcare companies have regulatory risks that could jeopardize their operations.

Business lawyers have to get what your business is about so they won’t miss something important. For instance, if you just ask a lawyer to review a contract, there are other areas where they can assist. They can point that out.

2. They Help Mitigate Risk

The best business lawyers understand the challenges behind running a business. They know how hard it is to get new clients in the door, work with vendors, and employees.

Some lawyers will just stick with the law, while others will help you develop tax strategies and help you improve your financial situation.

This lowers your risk as you build your business.

3. They’re Easy to Get Along With

It’s critical to have a lawyer for business that you like and trust. You’re hiring an attorney to help you lower your risk of a lawsuit.

If you don’t trust the attorney to help you, you won’t have peace of mind. Think about the qualities that you want to have in a business lawyer and write them down before you interview attorneys.

4. They Have Happy Clients

A business lawyer has to have a list of happy clients. It’s a good sign that you’ll get the service that you deserve.

Look at directory listings and websites for client reviews and testimonials. Ask the business lawyer if you can contact a couple of past clients directly.  

5. They Are Affordable

Comparing lawyer fees is essential, but it’s not easy to do with business lawyers. That’s because they use different pricing structures for their services.

They tend to use a flat rate for one-off projects, such as incorporating your business. Business lawyers charge by the hour, too.

You have to ask for more details about how they charge. Get clear about what the services include and what would be outside of the scope of contract.

Hiring a Business Lawyer Made Easy

You’re now armed with enough information to make hiring a business lawyer easy. Remember to look at their experience, personality, references and reviews, and the costs.

You’ll be able to hire a lawyer for business that understands your unique needs and protects your business.

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