Top 5 Channels to Stream on Amazon Firestick: The Cable Alternative

In the previous years, cable was all that you could hear of when it came to entertainment. After all, it was the only way you could watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Cable became quite pricy and to some extent, poor customer service led to the invention of new entertainment software. One of these is the Amazon Firestick. The Amazon Firestick is a streaming device that allows you to watch and enjoy your preferable content on your TV, without necessarily having to pay for channels that you don’t need or never watch.

Most people choose Amazon Firestick because it lets one side load third-party apps. These are apps you will not find on Amazon, but luckily, there’s a long list of free Firestick channels that offer great content. Knowing what are the best channels to watch on Firestick is difficult because there are many options, but we will help by presenting a list of some of the best. 


YouTube is an internet giant and luckily, it is accessible with the Amazon Firestick. It is almost an all informative platform. It offers an alternative for a lot of content: music, documentaries, movie trailers, entertaining shows, and a lot more. YouTube can support a third of web traffic. 

Originally, YouTube was a petty quarrel between Google and Amazon. Eventually, it came back on Amazon devices and the Firestick as well. There was a substantial reason for this. Honestly, where else would you watch millions of channels and the content offered by YouTube? What’s more, how many platforms will show your favorite content in more than 80 languages? The personalization is what makes YouTube one of the best channels to stream. Install the app and even more, ask Alexa to grant your request. 


Shows and movies are among the top reasons you will want to invest in the Amazon Firestick. It is an entertainment hub for shows and movies. Do you yearn for comedy, romantic content, documentaries, or is it action? Catch your favorite HBO originals and other series on HBO Max. 

This channel also features content from other networks like Cartoon Network, DC, and Looney Tunes. You cannot deny how HBO offers a good show. Remember Game of Thrones? 


Are you aware that NASA has a Firestick channel? Now you know. But chances are, space buffs already knew this. With it, you can stream all the latest content from NASA effortlessly, from your big screen. Even better, it is free. You do not have to pay for the stream. Watch awesome content and discover a lot about space and astronomy. 

With this channel, you will also get to watch live space events like launches, news, ISS broadcasts, astronaut interviews, and also historical content. The experience is at its best with the Firestick app and a 4K screen. 

NBC Sports

You can catch all the sporty action with your Amazon Firestick. Access all your favorite games, replays, highlights, scores, and events. You can even stream wrestling events. 

NBC Sports is one of the best Firestick channels for sports. The channel covers all that is broadcasted by NBC with a lot of extras. You will be able to catch all the sporty action on NFL Sunday Night Football, Premier League, PGA Tour, and many more. Just subscribe to NBC Sports Gold. 

PBS Kids

If there is anything that the Public Broadcasting Service does best is having a bunch of family-friendly apps. Luckily, Amazon Firestick has these. At some point, every parent craves a little time away from the kids. There is no better way to get the time to do your own stuff than keeping them engaged with their favorite shows. 

PBS is excellent for your little ones. Rest assured, it will offer trusted and good quality content for them. This is a 24/7 channel that comes freely. It is the perfect distraction when schools are closed and you are stuck with your young ones. You only need to create a PBS kids account to log in and you are good to go. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to pay for cable anymore. Amazon Firestick lets you turn your TV into a multipurpose and entertaining hub. This streaming device brings you the latest streams for entertainment, information, and lifestyle.