Whether you work remotely or in a traditional office setting, your workspace should foster a sense of productivity and well-being. Placing plants on and around your desk enhances the aesthetic appearance of your office, which is particularly helpful for virtual meetings.

When shopping for plants, choose varieties that require minimal care and can tolerate low-light conditions. Look for striking colors and textures to create a Zoom Virtual Office background that is professional and appealing.

Hanging Air Plants Are the New Trend

Air plants have grown in popularity due to their resilience, exotic appearance and unique qualities. Unlike most plants, air plants do not need soil. Instead, they grow on trees and other plant life and get nourishment from their surroundings.

Inoantha, Aeranthos and Bulbosa are good species for beginners. They’re easy to care for, requiring only adequate access to light and air plus a weekly bath (submerge plants in lukewarm water for several hours).

Air plants are content hanging out on just about any open surface, so you can get creative with their placement. Sprout one from a corkboard and place another in a glass orb giving your desk space a stylish pop.

Low Maintenance Succulents

Even if you’ve been known to kill a few plants, the odds are in your favor that you can keep succulents alive. Many species only need watering every few weeks. Beyond that, they just need indirect sun exposure and they’re good to go.

Succulents are thought to create a relaxing environment, contribute to better air quality and improve overall mood. Spread them throughout the office and watch them work their magic.

Versatile Greenery for Dim, Dry Office Spaces

Snakes in the office? No, thank you. Snake plants, on the other hand, should be a welcome addition to your workspace. Not only do snake plants filter out air pollutants, but they also reduce allergy symptoms and can thrive in different lighting conditions. Snake plants also add an element of sophistication to a room.

Blooming Plants Transport You to the Tropics

If you find yourself daydreaming about a beach vacation, bring paradise to your office with tropical plants. Bromeliads are low-fuss and have thick colorful leaves that make you feel like you’re on a desert island even as you’re just searching for how to add virtual background in Teams.

Zoom Bombing Stems

Have you ever watched videos of pets and kids unknowingly and rather adorably interrupting a virtual meeting? While plants are not exactly cute and cuddly, they can still steal the show. ZZ plants, with their shiny oval leaves, graceful shape and persistently glow, are bound to be noticed on video calls.

ZZ plants are hardy. You can neglect them for weeks and they’ll still look vibrant, which gives many people the impression that they’re artificial.

Create an uplifting vibe in your office with an array of beautiful plants. Before using your new lush office space as a virtual background, check the Zoom background requirements on your device to make sure the application can support your uploaded images. Sit back and watch as your enviable setting becomes a talking point during your next virtual meeting.

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