Even after nearly 50 years, Dungeons & Dragons remains one of the most popular RPG games on the block. Thanks to frequent revivals in mainstream media, the world of DnD keeps expanding with more and more players joining the magical side. 

A warm welcome if you are a recent convert. You might be scrolling the internet for helpful tips to get you going, and we are here to lend a helping hand. Here are the top 5 beginner DnD tips to help you sink your teeth into the game once and for all. 

Don’t give up

The world of DnD is daunting, and thousands have come before you, thinking the exact same thing. However, this is not a time to be cowardly! It’s not going to go smoothly from your first play but each time will be a little easier. You will get to know the mechanics after a few plays and much of the game will become second nature. Just hold on!

Roll with the punches

When the DnD Gods are not smiling upon you, and the dice just don’t seem to roll right, you need to get creative. Find some humor in your misfortune and turn it into a learning opportunity. When that annoying nr1 makes rears its ugly head you can use it as an opportunity to help a fellow player shine or take the time to get creative with detailing your character’s dismay. 

It is important to remember that anything can happen and only the dice know what happens next. So best not to plan too many steps in advance because this will only set you up for failure. 

Keep a pen handy

Don’t be afraid to take notes during your first sessions. Seasoned players will remember games as if they happened just yesterday, but you might want to take notes during your first few sessions as a beginner. 

You should jot down important plot points, especially about your own character, but also take note of game mechanics as you go. You should also keep your player’s handbook nearby. You can refer to this as much as you want and add your own explanations in the margin as you get the hang of things. 

Lean into your backstory

When you set up your own characters, or even when you use pregens, you should really dig into your backstory. This is the most compelling way to keep your story moving forward. Your backstory will give you hints on how you will approach situations and how your character thinks and interacts with others. 

This will also push your roleplaying to another level. You will be able to envision yourself as the character and really bring it to life if you know where it comes from and what they have gone through. Answer questions about their past like how they were raised and note a few important moments in their lives. You should explain why they have decided to embark on this adventure and give them a few core personality traits.

You can always use a pre-generated character but you should still pay close attention to the information given to you and try to apply it as much as possible. 

Ask questions

This is really the best way you will learn. No group will take on a new player without being willing to help them every step of the way. So, it is up to you to ask questions as often as you want. They will guide you and give you valuable insight that you might not have otherwise had access to. 

Most of all you should have fun! The world of DnD is a magical addition to your life and you won’t look back once you get the hang of it. 

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