Top 4 JeansWest’s Best-Selling Jeans With a Unique Fit

Jeanswest has always been one of Australia’s apparel chain stores. It operates in the casual wear and lifestyle market, with denim playing a significant part in its product range. With 50 years of serving up products to its locals and even expanding internationally, they had garnered quite strong jean fits that everybody loves.

With the fashion industry rapidly changing and updating trends now and then, Jeanswest is still up to date even today. There are unique designs and a variety to choose from, but since there are a lot, this list contains their best sellers!

Curve Embracer/High-Waist Jeans

The rise of high-waist pants has been popular for years, especially today. With the fast production of Y2K-inspired clothes and aesthetics, there’s no surprise that curve-hugging types of bottoms are a hit nowadays. This help boosts their confidence, especially for young girls.

Most especially for women with small waists, this enhances the hips and sculpts them to produce a perfect curve. Wait, There’s more! Your selection of pants doesn’t end there. Here’s a small list of styles that could help you improve your fashion senses more.

  • Slim Straight
  • Bootcut
  • Butt Lifter
  • Contour curve embracer

Straight Pants

Somewhere in the late 70s straight jeans started to rise. First, having a punk-inspired style to them. Which has now become widely popular in the music industry. But several years later, these types of pants are not only popular with men but also with women.

Straight men’s pants have been on the market for a long time. Jeans that fit just below the waistline give a classic look. You can also get the jeans in either a coated ink look or an antique indigo color! 

Tummy Trimmer

A belly flab has been one of the most considered body parts in pants shopping. You have to note which jeans fit your body type the most, and you can’t deny that you also want your belly flab to go unnoticed. That’s why the tummy trimmer has been around to help people out.

Still keeping the high waist fit, the tummy trimmer makes you look more sculpted in comfort. Some offer the same fit but do not feel comfortable, especially in the belly areas. You won’t feel suffocated in these jeans for sure.

They also offer different styles to fit your selection, like:

  • Skinny style jeans
  • Slim-straight jeans
  • Mid-length

Colors and shades aren’t limited as well. You can choose from Dark indigo, black, and even vintage-looking ones.

Maternity Pants

Yes, it’s a top 4 list, but you can’t miss out on Maternity pants too!

Almost all women’s wardrobes could also pass as maternity wardrobes during the mid-1300s. It wasn’t until a few years had passed that the clothes became more tight and fitted.

However, maternity pants had been one of the most difficult ones to find. Most clothes were dresses and leggings. Many women also prefer wearing secure pants to help them with their pregnancy, but of course, in comfort. It’s a good thing that even JeansWest offers maternity pants too!

Before You Go

As stated earlier, there are a variety of jeans to choose from. Fashion has always been constant in change and will not stop soon.

It’s encouraging to see jeans that are also made for different types of bodies. The development of pants itself holds great symbolism for societal improvements as it now becomes more inclusive in all shapes and sizes.