Top 4 Gel Nail Polish Designs for Monsoon 2022‍

Monsoon is the time when our nails get all dried out and crack easily. But that doesn’t mean we can’t flaunt our beautiful nails in the monsoon. With the arrival of the monsoon, you might not go for bright and colorful nail arts because they tend to look dull.


However, some gel nail polish designs look great during monsoon and will keep your nails moisturized at the same time.

This article will discuss the top 4 gel nail polish designs for monsoon. These designs are perfect if you want to rock your nails even during monsoon without compromising on style or beauty. So, keep reading!

1.  Marbled Gel Nail Art

Marbled gel nail polish art is a trendy design for both summers and monsoons. This design is perfect for women who want to avoid bold and bright colors. The marbled design looks beautiful and unique. You can choose this design if you want something classy and simple for your nails without compromising style.

The procedure of achieving this look is also simple and quick. You need to apply a dark shade or a black gel nail polish on your nails and then go over it with a lighter shade to get this marble look. If you want to achieve a more distinct look, you can also try the gradient marble design.


You first need to apply a dark blue or purple shade on your nails to get this look, and then go over it with a light blue or white polish. Depending on your nail polish, you can also try a sponge tip applicator to get a marble look.

This design is stunning, and you can flaunt it on a casual day. You can try this design on short or long nails. It looks equally beautiful on any length of the nail. Also, the pattern seems detailed and eye-catchy.

Moreover, you don’t need to go to a salon to get this design. You can create it at home with the help of a dotting tool or a sponge.

2.  Gradient Gel Nail Polish Designs

Gradient gel nail polish designs are also trendy in the monsoon season. These designs are perfect if you love bright and colorful nail arts and you want to go for something bright and cheerful during the monsoon season.


However, if you like to stay away from bright and colorful nail arts during monsoon, some bold gradient nail designs are also available. For example, red and orange are some of the colors you can choose.

Gradient nail designs look beautiful and give a bold look to the nails. The gradient nail designs are created by first applying a base colour and creating a gradient from that colour by adding more and more of the second colour. For example, you can paint your nails a bright orange colour and then apply more of the orange on the tip of your nails to create a gradient design.

3.  Matte Gel Nail Polish Designs

If you like to try different nail arts and designs but don’t want to go for bright colors, you can go for matte gel nail polish designs. What makes matte nail designs perfect for monsoon is that they don’t chip, fade quickly, and are long-lasting. So, if you want to keep your nails looking good without worrying about them getting damaged, then matte nail designs are for you.

Apart from that, they are long-lasting and can be worn throughout the season. In addition, matte nails come in various colors and patterns, making it easy for you to find the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you are going for something subtle or bold, there is a matte nail design that will suit your preferences.

Moreover, you can easily create these designs at home without expensive equipment, making them even more convenient. You can go for any colour of your choice.

However, since the monsoon is a rainy season, it is better to go for darker colors as they look good during the monsoon. Some of the best colors to go for are red, black, orange, blue, etc. You can even try out gradient or ombre effects to look more stylish.

4.  Metallic Gel Nail Polish Designs

Metallic gel nail polish designs are perfect for those who want to go for something different and unique for their nails. Metallic nail designs are great for monsoon and look stunning on the nails.

You can go for any colour of your choice. You can go for orange or red metallic nail polish if you want a bright and cheerful nail design.


You need to apply 2-3 coats of metallic gel nail polish to get the finished look. Since these designs are very bold and colorful, they look best on short nails. However, some people also prefer to go for these designs on long nails.


During the monsoon, the air is filled with water droplets that harm our nails. These water droplets make

our nails dry, brittle, and weak. So, you must follow specific nail care tips to make your nails stronger during the monsoon. If you want to avoid damaging your hands and nails during this season, you must try out these top 4 gel nail polish designs for monsoon. These designs will not only make your nails look beautiful, but they will also keep them moisturized and strengthen them throughout the monsoon period.