Top 3D Animation Companies in Canada to Hire in 2022

Consider this, would you rather listen to a Mozart composition or read it on a page? You’d listen to the music, right? Because with zero technical expertise, It’s not the composition that’s interesting; it’s the outcome, something you can feel, something that touches you deep down. 

Similarly, your lead would see a practical demonstration of your product’s working mechanism rather than reading lengthy, jargon-filled copies about it. And that’s precisely what 3D animation does for you. 

It helps you turn those dull, jargon-filled words and specs into a visually exciting video with great dialogue, informative content, and sometimes, a great story that keeps your target audience captivated throughout. Plus, with a touch of persuasiveness that doesn’t feel forced. 

In the past few years, 3D animation has taken the marketing industry by storm worldwide, with Canada being no exception. And boy, oh boy, has it not boosted the sales tremendously! Anyways, if you also want to leverage 3D animation, say no more! 

Below is the list of some of the best 3D animation companies in Canada you would like to look at! 

So let’s get into it, shall we?

  1. Kasra Design

Kasra Design is an award-winning international 3D animation company with talented animators. The company takes pride in working with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Pepsico International, Shell, Intel, Panasonic, VISA, and many more. 

With over 800+ videos in their portfolio and dozens of accolades under their belt, Kasra Design continues to dominate the 3D animation market by providing highly-converting videos to their clients. Apart from 3D animation, their team specializes in 2.5D animation, video production, and motion graphics. 

Having 10+ years of experience handling businesses of diverse industries, you can easily trust their taste and expertise.

  1. BKSDN

Based in Montreal, Canada, BKSDN is another big name among Canadian animation companies for 3D videos. The company specializes in CGI, 3D modeling, video production, compositing, and color grading. The team of BKSDN takes pride in bringing details to your videos you have never experienced before. 

With an affluent clientele like Microsoft, UNICEF, Reebok, United Nations, and World Design Organization, BKSDN has a lot to offer. They produce 3D videos for every type of business and industry and can be one of your potential choices for creating 3D animation that connects with the audience! 

  1. Gardener Productions

The founder of Gardener Productions, Stephen Gardener, is a highly skilled and compelling storyteller. And with his talented team, he takes this storytelling to the next level by presenting it through rich visuals that are as explanatory as pleasing to watch. 

Since its inception, Gardener productions has produced commercial content for companies of various industries, including the biggest brands in the world. Some of them include Pepsico, Swarovski, AstraZeneca, etc. The company specializes in commercial video production and 3D animation. Plus, you get all the post-video support from the team too. 

  1. Cloud in the Sky Studios

Created and run by a team of passionate artists, Cloud in the Sky Studios is one of Canada’s best 3D animation companies. The company is known for putting forth unmatched creativity to each project, with the sole goal behind every video being excellent storytelling and persuasiveness. 

Cloud in the Sky Studios has a couple of massive projects and awards under their belt with a diverse portfolio, from brand commercials to short films and anything in between. So far, the company has worked with names like Blackberry, Bank of Canada, CIRA, and even the Government of Canada itself, and several international brands as well. 

Cloud in the Sky specializes in Live action video production and animated explainer videos.

  1. Giant Ant

Giant Ant is a creative video production company in Canada known for producing visually mesmerizing video content. Their videos inspire and intrigue the audience in a peculiarly artistic way, no matter what it’s about. So If you want someone for your project with a sense of pure aesthetics, look no further. 

The Giant Ant video production company has been working in the industry for more than 13 years. They have cultivated some of the best talents in the industry. They have produced meaningful content for companies of different sectors throughout the span. 

As they say, love is all that makes their productions touch the audience’s tingling spots. 

  1. Simple Story

As the name suggests, Simple Story presents your story to your audience in a compelling, captivating, and comprehensive way. But not just any story. Unlike most of the 3D animation companies on the list, Simple Story primarily specializes in brand stories, in other words, commercial video production. 

Where this highly limits their area of work, it also gives them a slight edge over their other competitors. How? Well, because of their immense experience in creating brand marketing videos, they know all the deets of crafting a compelling piece that powerfully draws conversions. 

No wonder why brands like Coca-cola, Walmart, Shopify, L’Oreal, CIBC, Pfizer, and even the Government of Canada have been in their clientele. 

  1. Rocketwheel

Founded back in 2007, Rocketwheel is one of the oldest 3D animation and video production companies in the provided list. This also makes its team one of the most experienced ones. 

Since they have been in the video advertising industry for quite a while, they studied the evolving approaches of reaching out to different audiences. They understand the sheer complexities of crafting a convincing and fun 3D video, making them one of the best in the business.

Post-pandemic industry growth and videos

After the pandemic, businesses all over Canada completely revamped their marketing strategies and made videos their primary marketing tool. Why? Well, the statistics speak for themself. According to reports collected by Unbounce, videos have the potential to increase your conversions by 80%. 

And since the video views have increased by 220x on Twitter and other social media platforms in the past 12 months, now might be a good time for you to consider moving to video marketing too. Guess what? After getting some remarkable results, more than 85% of businesses are doing the same. 

If you haven’t availed of it, it’s still not too late to get on the train. ; )


In modern marketing, presenting your product or service the right way increases your chances of getting conversions by a considerable margin. Even more, if you present your product in a fun and engaging way that doesn’t put your audiences to sleep. 

With 3D animation, you can achieve both. And that’s why it’s one of the most effective and most in-demand types of animations in Canada and worldwide. Every company seeking to increase its online presence, whether small or big, is moving towards 3D animation to advertise its products. 

However, you can only reap its full benefits if the right professionals handle your videos. And that’s why we enlisted some of Canada’s best 3D animation companies for you to make your hunt easier. Hope our list helped you find the right people for your video marketing. 

Good luck!