Top 3 Virtual Team building Activities That Are Here To Stay After The Pandemic

virtual team building

Mass lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the corporate culture, including the way we perceive corporate events. Many professionals have not seen their colleagues for more than a year now, but there is still the need to engage with the team members and keep a positive team dynamic.

Companies worldwide went the extra mile to organize online team building activities to keep the teams going. And while not many people are likely to miss virtual happy hours in front of laptops as they cannot wait to return to actual bars, some pastimes will be useful even after the pandemic because of the benefits they bring to the table.

Here is the definitive list of virtual team building activitiesthat we believe will survive beyond the pandemic:

  1. Book Clubs

Book clubs were there long before the lockdown, but many companies were not invested enough, preferring more dynamic ways of socializing. Fortunately, the stance on book clubs has been reconsidered since Covid-19 hit because it is an activity that is flexible and works perfectly both online and offline.

  The book club is a wonderful intellectual team-building activity that allows you to express yourself and get to know your colleague’s way of thinking beyond a superficial level. Interesting conversations that arise in the book club can improve your understanding of people in the team. While co-workers rarely get to share inspiring ideas during mundane work, the book club can create a safe space to do so.

On an individual level, joining a book club could be a great way to come back to reading fiction if you never seem to have time for it. Plus, if you are reading literature related to your business, it could help you learn something new and become a better professional.

2. Online Gaming

Pandemic or not, online games for virtual teams is a great idea. Not only is it pure fun, but you also get a chance to test team problem-solving skills that you are surely going to use at work.

So, what to play? Traditional online games are indeed an option, but it might be too much of a commitment to non-gamers. A great alternative is to choose an online quest game that is time-limited and can be completed in one evening.

A possible option is Project Avatar, an online adventure game that takes place on Zoom. You and your teammates get to control the actions of a character played by an actor in a real-life location. You get to cooperate with the team by solving puzzles and exploring the game world. The game also fosters a sense of competitiveness as your goal is to achieve the highest score for your team. Within the 90-minute game framework, the players have to develop a working strategy and commit to it. The game feels like a mix of an online game, a real-life escape quest, and a theater performance. It has things in store to impress everyone, whether you are a gamer or not. If you miss lighthearted and dynamic activities, like escape rooms, paintball, or bowling, it might be the best option for you to try Project Avatar.

As a manager, if you never thought about gaming as a teambuilding activity, you will likely come back to it many times once you try because it is entertaining and easy to organize.

           3. Online Masterclasses

Masterclasses are a classic option for corporate team buildingdue to the indisputable educational benefits they bring. While they have always been popular, mass transfer online has brought some exciting opportunities that will surely be useful long after the pandemic.

The most obvious benefit is that geographical constraints no longer apply, and you can easily book a course with an expert from any location in the world. Besides, popular experts are much more likely to squeeze your company into their tight schedule as they are no longer limited by the constraints of their traveling plan. The companies can save money that would otherwise go into paying traveling expenses and invite speakers of a higher level of expertise. For some extra cash, it is now much easier to organize personified masterclasses just for your team.

According to 84 percent of companies in the United States, organizing a virtual event requires less time and money than an offline event. Besides, more team members are likely to join online masterclasses because it is easier to commit to spending a few hours online than traveling to the event’s location on your day off.

Live events are not the only form of the online masterclass that could be useful for your team. For something equally entertaining and less specific, you can gift your co-workers with a subscription to educational services, such as Masterclass, Udemy, or Skillshare.

These services have existed for a while but have significantly grown in popularity during the pandemic. In any case, virtual activities that we have been introduced due during the pandemic will greatly influence the way we perceive corporate entertainment in the future. While some activities might stay behind, companies are likely to combine virtual and offline events for more flexibility.