Top 3 Pokémon Games You Must Play Pokémon Go

Released in 2016 it is an augmented reality smart phone game was developed by Niantic in partnership with The Pokémon Company for platforms using operating system iOS and Android gadgets.

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This video game belongs to the Pokémon video gameseries, the video game uses GPS to train,capture, locate, and fightanimated creatures known asPokémon that appearslike they are in same location where the player is.The video game does not charge the players with anything; combined with local ads, it utilizes aopen market model and offers player with in-app purchase items that they can buy in the game. The game began with approximately 150 Pokémon species, which by 2020 had risen to around 600.After the playersmake a video game account, they build and configure their own Pokémon characters. When formed, the character is shown on the map centered on the player’s environmental position.’Pokémon Gyms’and’PokéStops’ have elements on the map. The PokéStopsare equipped with ‘Lure Modules’ items that attract extra untamed, and hardly ever common, Pokémon.The avatars travel within the game’s map as player is in motionin real life setting. Different types of Pokémon live in various parts of the earth; you can find a Waterkind Pokémon, for instance, are normally located near water.The video game does not have a battle mode like other Pokémon video games players simply just have to throw a poke ball at the Pokémon to catch it.

Pokémon Puzzle League

Released in 25th September 2001 Pokémon Puzzle LeagueIt is a Nintendo 64 console puzzle game. The game begins as Ash and Pikachu are on holiday when Professor Oak, who informs Ash that he was chosen as one of the contestants for the official Puzzle League Competition, calls them on the phone.Ash challenges Gary, his first competitor, to win in the competition, ultimately beating all eight of the Kanto area rivals and winning their badges after being obstructed by Tracey, Team Rocket, and Giovanni in his way, all of whom he also defeats. As in Panel de Pon, the video game features the same gameplay. By grouping them in horizontal or vertical lines with three or more bricks, the goal is to remove blocks from the playfield. From the base of the playfield, a steady wave of new blocks is forced up, allowing the entire playfield to climb continuously.By scoring combos and loops, the player can briefly halt the progression of blocks, and in two-player fights, these actions also allow garbage blocks to accumulate atop the playfield of the enemy.Besides the standard 2D mode, the video game features a 3D mode. Compared to the six-block width of the flat 2D area, gameplay in this mode takes place on a cylinder with an effective width of 18 blocks.In two-player games, players can opt to play as one of fifteen Pokémon trainers. Unlike other Pokémon titles, the option of trainer and Pokémon is solely aesthetic and does not affect any gameplay.You will get all the main stream editions of Pokemon game on

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Released in September 13th, 2008 this is an action adventure, role playing Pokémon video game developed by Game Freak and released for gaming platform Nintendo DS. It is part of the Pokémon video game series’ fourth generation and an upgraded version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.Players control either a male or female character in Platinum and begin with one of Professor Rowan’s three Pokémon given to them. Giratina, a Pokemon who plays a key part in the storyline of the game. A wide world, ranging from mountains to grasslands, bodies of water, urban areas, and snowy expanses, is visited by players. Players have their Pokémon battling turn-based fights against other Pokémon, identical to previous titles.Gameplay consists of three simple displays in the third-person overhead view: a field map in which the player navigates the lead character; a combat screen; and a menu in which the player configures the settings of their squad, items, or gameplay. With a single Pokémon, the player starts the video game and later on in the game he/ she can catcha number of Pokémon’s by using the Poké Balls. The screen turns to a turn-based combat screen where the Pokémon battle when the player meets a wild Pokémon or is challenged to a battle by a trainer. The player is able to use a move during a battle, use an object, change the active Pokémon, or escape.Whether the Pokémon of the player beats the opposing Pokémon by forcing it to faint, it earns points of experience. It will level up after gaining ample experience points; most Pokémon evolve when they hit a certain level into a new species of Pokémon.