Top 10 Social Media Sites That Can Kill Your Boredom

Top 10 Social Media Sites That Can Kill Your Boredom

Social Media has many advantages over its disadvantages. Whenever one feels sad or happy, he shares this with others using any of the social media platforms. It only requires internet access rest of the things are free. Social media is famous for its benefits in killing boredom. Pop over to these guys to know more ways to have fun online. We have listed the top 10 sites that can kill your boredom:


YouTube is not exactly a social media platform, but it is famous for its informative and entertaining content. It contains unlimited videos on every topic, either religious or funny. Whenever you search for something on YouTube, it suggests a lot of stuff related to it, and you also find something else more interesting. You cannot resist yourself to watch more and more. Once you get in the flow, you will not feel bored.

Pros of YouTube

  • Content is free and unlimited. Not only viewing but sharing your videos is free too.
  • You can restrict the content like in what videos you are interested in.
  • Evergreen and Up-to-date information.


The most accessible social media site is Facebook. It is always trending and never becomes old. Every day there is a stack of new memes that will make you smile unintentionally. Many networks are providing free Facebook services to their user. It is because of the people’s choice. Facebook has many features like Group or personal chat, Commenting, Feed, videos, and other things too.

Pros of Facebook

  • Your shared information gets spread in a minute.
  • Games that you can play with your friends and compete in the leagues too.
  • You can find everything: memes, horoscopes, informational videos, and much more.


Instagram is a place where one can find more targeted information and an audience. Instagram has short videos for entertainment, beauty hacks, and education. You can get authentic news about the actors and can follow them for their stories. Instagram has more creative features than Facebook. Instagram is more specific and has both a targeted audience and material. If you know how to get free internet on android without Wi-Fi or data then you can enjoy surfing on this social media site anywhere and without any cost.

Pros of Instagram

  • It supports creative designs and features for stories, photo filters, and posts.
  • Has an authentic audience and information. You can target accurate followers on Instagram.
  • More trending and popular. People consider it the right place for their businesses and a platform for sharing thoughts. Grow your Instagram profile and you can sell your services online easily.


Snapchat is one of the most popular entertaining social media platforms. It was only considered as a video sharing and chatting fun app, but according to the stats, people watch and share videos on Snapchat three times more than on YouTube. Snapchat has privacy and many innovative features like snap score, streaks, and filters.

Pros of Snapchat

  • Snapchat gives a new of interacting with people. You can send short stories, photos, and clips.
  • There are a lot of fun things on it. The most trending feature of Snapchat nowadays is Filter like dog one, black and white, and many more.
  • No privacy issues as you add people using snap code or Snap ID.


A social media platform that allows one to get GIFs and share them on other social media accounts. People mostly use GIFs as a way of expressing emotions. Facebook bought Giphy in 2020 because of its increase in popularity. You can search GIFs with the keyword, and Giphy will show unlimited suggestions that you can embed in your posts or chats.

Pros of Giphy

  • They are simple, attractive, and professional at the same time. Most people use them on their site as it gives a cool look to it.
  • GIFs are of very less size, so they do not fill up space.
  • Giphy is an interactive way of communication.


Pinterest is a site where you can find different visuals, pictures, quotes, recipes, and other things. You can not only search them but also pin and save them to your board. Images are as a pin that you search and save, but you must be a Pinterest user. Once you register yourself on the Pinterest platform, then it is free.

Pros of Pinterest

  • Pinterest is completely free.
  • You can get more engagements and leads by Pinning your blog image on it.
  • It adds value to your site as an owner and quality content as a viewer.

7.TED Talk

TED is an informational and inspirational platform for sharing unique ideas, life experiences, social welfare activities, and more. In TED talks, speakers share their experiences, struggles, or talk on any social or educational issue in a short time and leave a powerful impact on the listener. TED talks are the best thing to kill your boredom, as these videos will give you knowledge and entertainment at the same time.

Pros of TED talk

  • Gives motivation and inspiration to the listener
  • Helps in improving personality and communication skills.
  • TED talk is a wonderful source to learn interactively spoken English.


BuzzFeed is a digital media company that conveys the latest news, entertaining videos, quizzes, articles, cooking tips and tricks, beauty hacks, and more unlimited things. BuzzFeed is an independent company that entertains millions of people with its quality content. It has almost everything for you and is considered an all-in-one package.

Pros of BuzzFeed

  • BuzzFeed always comes up with the latest and big headlines.
  • Easy to grab the idea as the content is as bullets and brief paragraphs.
  • BuzzFeed’s quizzes have images, smart titles, and do not have extraordinary text. So, it attracts people, and they get both fun and knowledge from it.


Reddit is a social platform having a group of content creators that post the content and viewers vote them as “Upvote” and “Down-vote”. It ranks the post as having more upvotes, and it brings the post up in everyone’s news feed. Reddit is an adult site because it has 18-plus content that is not inappropriate for children.

Pros of Reddit

  • Best platform for content creators as it gives exposure to them. So, you can write a post on them.
  • It is an aggregation of everything you look for in your leisure time.
  • Reddit is a platform where you can build connections because of its high traffic.


Incredibox is a unique application that assists you to create your music with soft beats. This for everyone from child to adult. One has fun here as well, learns music. It has a catchy design that captivates one’s attraction. It is quite simple to use, you just have to drag and drop the elements and that’s it. Write your song in it, set tempo and drumbeats, add elements as much as you want, and create a final version.

Pros of Incredibox

  • It is a simple and light app (site) that is free to use.
  • It acts as an all-rounder site, having both fun and lessons.
  • Incredibox has an easy and creative lesson.


There are many other sites, but these are the top-listed ones. These social media handles are safe, but it depends on your use that you are benefitting yourself with these platforms. Once you know how to deal with the people, privacy, and other stuff about these sites, you are ready to go and nothing will harm you unless you do something wrong.