The best people to ask for advice on how to play at casinos are the staff members, who are frequently more than happy to share their expertise with those who ask.

They regularly share their advice on Reddit, for example. To save you the time of searching through the various AMA threads and other subreddits, we’ve gathered all the most popular pieces of advice and put them together into one convenient article.

The advice in this article provides some great insights into what to expect at a 22bet casino and how to win.

1. Avoid playing the slot machines near the restroom

The house, not specific machines, determines the legal payout percentage. Therefore, even when playing the same games at the same machines throughout the casino, some will pay out less than others.

For instance, because the casino anticipates that you’ll take a seat while waiting for a payout, the slots next to restrooms frequently have the lowest payout.

2. Save the use of your player’s card for prolonged sessions

To determine your value as a customer, casinos calculate your Average Day Trip (ADT).

Your chances of receiving better comps and promotions at a casino increase with your overall spending.

Spending only $20 during a brief session with the card could lower your ADT and decrease your promotional opportunities.

3. Be kind to the dealers.

Players make the mistake of believing too frequently that the dealer, who represents the casino’s house, wants them to lose.

But the majority of dealers are aware that winning players will most likely leave a generous tip.

Respect the dealer and take pleasure in the enjoyment they bring to the experience whether you win or lose, therefore.

Don’t forget to tip them, and avoid treating them negatively.

4. Avoid placing any side bets

One Reddit casino employee claimed: “All sidebets have terrible odds. Unless you anticipate losing money regardless, avoid doing it.

This has always been the case with blackjack insurance bets, but generally speaking, the dealers advise against placing those additional side bets, even if the payouts seem attractive.

5. Quickly earn free drinks by playing video games at casinos

How much you spent on video games is visible to bartenders.

As a result, if you’re playing at a casino that doesn’t just automatically comp drinks for everyone, put in $100 when you sit down at the machine and avoid approaching the bartender.

Put small stakes on the table and act comfortably. Your order will be taken shortly by the bartender who will soon approach you.

Continue placing small wagers until they bring your drink back, at which point you should tip them and cash out.

6. Obtain a Player’s Card for a Room Discount Right Away

Making travel plans to Las Vegas? Get a player’s card by signing up!

All you need to get a casino room rate is the club card, and the rates for rooms are typically 10–20 percent less expensive depending on availability.

Naturally, you might also receive a free room if you decide to stay and play.

7. Get a grill or a panini maker if you spend more money

There are tales of people using player cards to obtain rewards all over Reddit.

Along with free accommodations and meals, many loyalty members also receive gifts like George Foreman grills, panini makers, pasta cookers, and other kitchen appliances.

Furthermore, one Redditor noted that “Bitches love paninis.”

8. You Are Free To Request Advice From The Dealer

Being a welcoming and helpful host to newcomers is a requirement of dealer training, in addition to knowing all the rules.

Ever wished you could play craps? When playing blackjack, are you unsure whether to split? Consult your dealer.

Since they are compensated regardless of whether the house wins or loses, they will give you frank advice based on a lot more knowledge than the random player sitting next to you.

9. Bring a strategy card that has been printed

Concerned about learning when to hit, stand, split, or double in a blackjack game? Get a copy of a winning strategy manual.

The dealer may need to be consulted, but most casinos allow them or even encourage them because they want you to enjoy yourself and stay as long as possible.

Please make sure that it is printed on paper and not on a smart device, as that is not permitted.

10. Craps Is The Game With The Best Odds.

When you read through enough Reddit AMA threads from casino dealers, you’ll start to notice a pattern: they all start off by dealing blackjack but advise players to play craps.

Although the best blackjack strategy can result in some of the best casino odds, they are convinced that the best game is craps.

Perhaps now is the proper time to learn that game, or speak with the dealer!

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