Top 10 destinations for Digital Nomads to visit in 2020, a complete guide on picking the right digital Nomad destination.

Are you a Digital Nomad? or are you looking to be one? Then here is a guide to finding the right digital nomad destination in 2020.

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What makes you a digital nomad?

Digital Nomad Destionations
Want to see the word while you work? become a digital nomad.

From the origin of mankind. We have been an animal who likes to discover new places & explore the world. In other words, it is in our DNA that we like to be nomadic.

But the modern human has to take part in everyday rat-race of making a living. This constant made them stay and be rooted in just one location.

Yet the increasing developments in the field of technology. It has made humans work remotely. Then the term remote working came in to practice.

If your job does not require you to work from a constant location-based office and if your job allows you to work from anywhere in the world, and your work based on digital technology (or most commonly, Internet) then we might be able to consider yourself as a digital nomad.

Now that you have been given the ultimate access to the world from your own employer, let’s find out how you can make sure you get the best out of the nomadic freedom and enjoy the ultimate digital nomad life.

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Things to consider when picking the right destination for digital nomads.

The best thing about being a digital nomad is that you can explore your dream holiday locations even while you are at work. Being said that, beauty and calmness alone will not be gonna be enough when you are choosing the place for your stay. Let’s find out the most important things that you need to consider when picking your digital nomad destination.

Internet,internet & internet.

Internet for digital nomad destination

The most important element in a digital nomad’s life could be access to good internet. Most of the remote destinations (which we all prefer) are lacking good internet. But before you settle for a location, it is a must to get an intel report on the reliability of internet facilities around it. Things like internet speed, ping time and continuous access to the internet are crucial to consider before arriving. You can simply do this by asking running an internet speed test before you arrive at the location.

Also, it is always a great idea to have a backup 4G/5G mobile hotspot with you as a secondary option. The location you are choosing should have a good 4G reception as well.

Cost of living

The cost of living in certain paradise locations could be over the moon. So you should be smart enough to calculate your cost of living if you are to live independently in a given location for a considerable time. You can easily do that by running a small audit on your monthly income through monthly possible expenses. Before you arrive at your digital nomad destination, you can get a great insight into possible expenses when you are in that location through brief internet research. Usually, the cost of living should worth the escape you are planning. Also, don’t forget to save some of it as well.

The cost of living for digital nomads

Accessibility to coworking spaces.

Even though your original plan is to work with your laptop on your bed looking at a beach sunset, the need for office space could be an inevitable hurdle that could arise out of the blue. To avoid such surprises it is always good to pick a destination with easy access to co-working spaces.

Walkability and easy transit

Walkability and easy transit are also key. Even if you’re renting a bike or moped, you want to do without a car. I cherish any chance I get to have a walkable “commute” not only for the savings but also for the health benefits.


The environment that you are to live in is extremely important. Your term of the stay must be a peaceful one. The air you breathe, the temperature, culture, food, epidemics, people, humidity & precipitation and all these factors must be researched and taken into deep considerations. After all, you are only a digital nomad, not superman.

consider about the environment when you chose your destination to be a digital nomad

The top 10 digital nomad destinations to visit in 2020

With keeping all the above-mentioned facts in mind. We did research to find out what could be in the top 10 list as digital nomad sweet spots.

1) Sri Lanka.

Being listed as the number one in the list of top destinations to travel in 2019 by lonely planet and the first place in the list of USA today’s best warm-weather destinations. Sri Lanka comes in stronger than any destination this 2020. Sri Lanka is considered to be an untouched paradise that was covered by the dark cloud of its 30-year long civil war. With embracing peace in 2009, Sri Lanka has opened its doors to the world. Throughout the past decade, Sri Lanka is undergoing massive infrastructural development. Sri Lanka is also considered to be one of the first countries to launch 5G in Asia. If you chose to live a part of your nomadic life in Sri Lanka you will get to feel the breeze soothing golden beaches, Experience the world’s most pictures train ride and many more.

Sri Lanka as the best digital nomad destination
image credit: salt in our hair

2)  Lisbon, Portugal.

With postcard-perfect panoramas of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins, and white-domed cathedrals – a captivating scene crafted over centuries. Portugal’s capital Lisbon sounds like the best destination for a colonial soul. With lightspeed internet and abundant free wifis and hundreds of co-working spaces, Lisbon stands out a city carved just for digital Nomads. Lisbon was in the top destination among many backpackers and nomads to find peace and do a little exploring from the colonial times.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is considered to be one of the best destinations for digital nomads.
image credit: Touropia

3) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona the capital of Spain is believed to be a great destination for Digital Nomadic experience for anyone who likes to meet new people and network. There are many digital nomads visiting Barcelona every year and the abundance of flexible and affordable workspace in the city makes it the perfect spot to mix business with pleasure.

It’s considered to be one of a few must-see cities with its own identity. This is partly down to a generation of early-20th-century artists and architects, like Antoni Gaudí, whose unforgettable buildings are like nothing you’ll see anywhere else.

Image credit: handluggageonl

4) Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital and the most populated city in Estonia could also be an ideal destination for a digital Nomad. In fact, Estonia is much popular among digital entrepreneurs who have businesses involved in cryptocurrency aspects. Estonia is believed to be a very friendly country to start up your own crypto project. But Estonia could be a little expensive to live in compared to other cities.

Estonia for digital Nomads.
image credit: Shutterstock

5) Koh Lanta, Thailand

The fifth position of this list is going back to Asia. Thailand is a very famous holiday destination for many. The amazing nightlife.Soothing beaches. Mouthwatering Thai cuisine and unbelievably cheap living costs make Thailand a great digital nomad destination. But Thailand’s capital Bangkok could get a little crowded with all the tourists coming in. To avoid the loss of peace of mind We find it Koh Lanta a major city in Thailand more suitable for a digital nomad if he is looking for a long term stay.

image credit : Shutterstock

6) Taipei, Taiwan

Could be one of the safest digital nomad destinations, Taipei is known for great food and easy access — there are plenty of direct flights from places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The great food comes at a very low price as well. Taipei’s late-night markets have the best, low-cost street food, where you can enjoy a full meal for a little over $4. The only downside could be the accommodation costs being expensive when compared to other destinations.

Taipe as a digital nomad destination
image credit: culture trip

7) Bansko, Bulgaria

If you prefer to have an ice-cold nomad life with amazing views then The Bansko has much to offer; the country is often very affordable to live, provide fun activities and high quality of life. Also, most of the Balkan countries have access to fast and reliable internet, as a lot of the countries skipped the stone age internet systems and went straight to fiber cable and fast 4G networks.

Image credit:travelBulgaria

8) Phong Nha, Vietnam

Vietnam is also getting much popular among loads of digital nomads all over the world. Due to its favorable tropical weather and amazingly affordable cost of living, Phong Nha in Vietnam could be a good destination to plan your next nomadic trip.

image credit: world nomads |A picture of famous Phong Na cave.

9)  Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is the closest warm place where you can get out European winter. Israel is just one hour’s drive away. It’s one of the best places to dive and kitesurf on Earth and it’s super cheap. And it is equipped with decent internet access and great Egyptian food.

Image Credit: Forbes

10)Mexico City, Mexico

If you are looking for the ultimate Mexican delicacies and amazing people, then here is the destination for you. Mexico is very closely situated to the US. So this could be an ideal destination for anyone who resides within the US.

if you try to blend your personal choices by taking all the matrices into account it will not be a puzzle to decide on your next digital nomad destination.