Tools Every Content Marketer Should Know About


When it comes to content marketing, you must have the talent and systemic approach to creating content. But, what takes your content up the notch is the right set of tools that can help you do the job better so that you can deliver enormous results, as opposed to settling for the ones that just get the job done. Every business and brand enlists the help of content and digital marketer for the promotion and eventually, the success of their company. Therefore, you need to do more than just write a blog – you must generate traffic to it and consequently, revenue.

With several tools available in the market, it can get difficult to pick one that is truly effective and helpful. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best tools every content marketer should know about.

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So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

1.      HubSpot

You might have come across HubSpot – an incredible tool for inbound marketing, customer relationship management, and sales. It is an all-rounder since HubSpot provides you with all the tools you may need to create effective and excellent content, which can further result in an impressive cash flow.

Furthermore, the suite you get from this platform enables you to come up with content that reaches the right audience, and that too by optimizing it so you can generate organic traffic for it. Most of the tools provided by it are free for you to use. Said tools include;

  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Marketing plugin for WordPress
  • Effective form builder etc.

All in all, HubSpot can turn out to be a great platform for you to get your hands on tools that give you control over the entire sales of the business.

2.      Grammarly

Imagine sending in your blog draft only for it to come back due to grammatical mistakes. Sounds super awkward, right? Plus, it leaves a bad impression on the client as they may start questioning your credibility. Of course, everyone is human and mistakes happen but as an expert in your field, you cannot afford even a small spelling or grammatical mistake.

Well, don’t worry because Grammarly has got you covered. This tool saves you from committing any mistake regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, or sentence structure.

You can add its extension to your browser, email tool, and Microsoft Office apps. Once you are done writing your content, you can run it through Grammarly and leave the text to it to find out any mistakes and give suggestions to correct them.

3.      BuzzSumo

Have you been wondering what are the trending topics on the internet currently? Why don’t you go over to BuzzSumo and see it for yourself? The platform can be used for various purposes. Essentially, it is a research tool that gives you an analysis of what kind of content would perform better with your target audience. Moreover, it also gives you the right keywords you can incorporate into your content to generate more traffic.

Apart from this, BuzzSumo can be used for backlinking and content strategy. Additionally, you can also check the current influential topics you can use for your content.

On the whole, BuzzSumo can be used to find out the trending topics across all the platforms so you can curate and create content

4.      Google Trends

Google Trends is an all-in-one platform that is easy to use, free of cost, and super helpful. It tells you what people typically search for on Google. After all, you write for those people and if you don’t have an idea what they are looking for in the first place, then how are you going to devise content around it?

Google Trends provides you an in-depth insight into the topics that have a great volume of traffic on the major search engine. In addition to this, it also tells you which topics are going out of the trend. It provides you a complete and proper data about it. You can look up any keyword you plan to target in your content and check whether it has significant traffic across the platforms or not.

Based on this, you can move forward to create the entire blog post.

Conclusive Remarks

To get top rankings in Google searches, you need to come up with content that is well-written, informative, relevant, and optimized. For this, we recommend you check out the tools and platforms mentioned in this article so you can create blog posts and whatnot that can result in higher rankings and ultimately increased sales.

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