To Rent, or Buy a Car? That’s the Question

Are you tormented by doubts about whether to finally buy a car or get by with car-sharing and renting services? To help you make up your mind, car sale experts from Indy Auto man have done research and collected the most popular pros and cons. Below I’ll show you five statements when owning a car is just a waste of money and when you had to buy it yesterday. Take a closer look – perhaps, you recognize yourself among the respondents.

  1. I live alone, work remotely. Why should I buy my own car if most of the time it will be parked? If I need to get somewhere, I rent a car anytime – it is convenient, cheap, and I like driving different models and comparing them.
  2. I live in the city center. There’s nowhere to park, moreover, everything I need is within walking distance. But I love driving, so sometimes I take a car to pick up my girlfriend and drive to a restaurant in the suburbs or go out of town on weekends.
  3. My friend and I live on the campus. If we go somewhere to hang out with friends, we take one car for all, it turns out very profitable.
  4. I don’t like public transport, so I rent a car for shopping or other occasions. Not often, because most of my friends have cars. They are all easy-going, and someone always gives me a lift. 
  5. I like travelling. I can leave the city two or three times a month. The easiest way for me to get to train stations and airports is by car, so I rent one when needed. Then I just leave it in the parking lot and have no worries.

Definitely, you do not need to buy a car. Relax with the decision, spare the money for a good trip, and forget about the guys who can not take a sip of beer when they wish.

If you don’t see anything familiar in the stories above, then read the next set of examples:

  1. I work on the other side of the city. To get there, I needed to change three types of transport, the schedule of which didn’t match. I bought a car, and now I leave the house one and a half hours later and drive with comfort. 
  2. I dreamed of moving to the suburbs all my life. And I found a cozy house with a large backyard, perfect in all respects, except for transport.  I bought a car and can drive from home to the city in 20 minutes. What a pity, I did not get it a year ago, now all the nightmares of searching for a free car-sharing service had gone. 
  3. My wife is pregnant. Getting ready for the baby birth, we see the to-do and shopping lists grow. And when the baby is born, there will be more worries. So, I am happy that the issue of buying a car has already been resolved. 
  4. We have two children and are considering getting a dog. I can’t imagine how people do without a car, as we obviously need another one, and it’s pretty spacious. We are going to opt for a trade-in and buy a minivan. I have always dreamed of traveling and camping.
  5. I have elderly parents. They live not far from me, in the same town, but I want to be sure that I can be with them in a couple of minutes in case of an emergency. And in general, when health fails, you have to be prepared for anything. The car gives me confidence that I can always take them to the hospital if necessary.

Sounds familiar, right? For these guys, owning a car means comfort, confidence and mobility. It’s the right time to buy a car, if you are in the second group and do not have one yet.

One problem here is the high price of a new car. Fortunately, you have a good way out – buy a used vehicle. Visit the Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis used car dealership – they definitely have a car for you.