tips to score high marks in class 10 social science

Tips to score high marks in class 10 social science

One of the most grueling subjects for class 10 scholars is social wisdom. Still, it’s a subject that doesn’t bear hard sweats to learn formulas and propositions. Suppose you’re preparing for this subject well in advance, so there’s a high possibility to score good marks. Social wisdom is an intriguing and easy achieve topics that can help you gain good marks. 

 Subject Overview 

The subject is divided into four corridors, i.e., History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. You’re needed to remember important dates and names of leaders across centuries for short answers type questions, and it’s advised to make full-fledged notes for trying lengthy questions and improve chances to score full marks for the reply. This post will give you a stylish idea of preparing for the social wisdom test as we wish you the smart of luck for your board examinations. 

Paper Pattern 

The test pattern set by CBSE for the social examination is as follows. 

 The test consists of 80 marks- divided into three sections. 

 Section A consists of the one-liner, objective, and fill-in-the-blank type questions. 

 Section B consists of short answer-type questions in which scholars have to answer the question in 80-90 words. 

 Section C consists of long answer-type questions with a word limit of 100 words. 

 In section C, you’ll find a chart question in which you have to mark the position on the chart. It’s one of the utmost scoring questions for every pupil. 

 Class 10th social wisdom board test is divided into three sections and also one or two chart questions. Section A consists of 1 marker 20 questions; Section B consists of 8 questions of 3 marks each, and Section C consists of 6 questions of 5 marks each and a chart question with a weightage of 5 marks. 

Other than paper pattern be aware of CBSE Class 10 Syllabus For Social Science for good results in exam. 

Preparation tips 

 1. You need to divide and conquer. This means that study in groups or group study. 

 Let us suppose you’re perfect in civics and your friend is ideal in History. So, to learn and memorize in a better way, you need to help your friend in civics and vice versa. Group study has a lot of advantages like, while you’re helping your friend in the study, your chapters get revised, and you take lower time to go through it again. Also, you can use the rest of the time or other time to concentrate on your weaker motifs. Also, group study is veritably intriguing, and this won’t put you to sleep while studying. This will help you maximize your score. 

2. The alternate medication tip is remembering headlines by doing tricks. Occasionally there are a lot of headlines and heads in colorful questions. 

 For these questions, what we need to do is that we need to make tricks of headlines. Let us take an illustration-

 Then are different orders of species of creatures-







 It’s veritably delicate to learn these different species, and occasionally we forget the name of anyone out of them. To essay it in a better way, we can do a trick. 

 For this, the trick is E3NVR. E3 stands for Exposed, Aboriginal, Defunct, N stands for Normal, V for Vulnerable, do the trick, and R for Rare. By doing this, we noway never forget any of the species. 

3. The third tip is to go through the former time question papers. 

 This is an essential tip as it helps know the type of question and their marks in the CBSE Class 10 Social studies test. Also, we know that the utmost of the former time questions is repeated. By going through the former time papers, you can score full marks. 

 4. The fourth tip is that noway forget to cover Map Work as it’s beneficial in scoring maximum marks. 

 Chart work helps maximize marks in a brief time. 

5. The fifth tip is that you need to make notes for modification, especially in history. 

 You can also make points on your tablet to revise entirely, as this will help save time. 

 6. You shouldn’t circumscribe yourself to the CBSE Class 10 NCERT book for Social studies. 

 Occasionally, we do face difficulty in learning questions from the NCERT book. In that case, we need to follow other books or notes from which we can learn fluently. You can also take the help of online hunt machines to resolve your problems. 

 These all are donation tips. By following these tips, one can get the loftiest marks. 

 Donation tips 

It’s veritably egregious that your monitor will surely get impressed and give you maximum marks if you essay your paper. To get full marks in the examination, you should follow the following instructions. 

 1. The first tip is to write the answer in bullet points. Avoid writing in paragraphs and go for bullet points. This will make your paper more seductive, and you’ll surely score maximum marks. 

 2. The alternate tip is to make block plates and tables, especially in terrain. 

3. The third tip for maximizing your score in CBSE Class 10 Social Studies examination is to divide your answer into heads. 

 4. The fourth tip is to punctuate significant effects by italicizing with a pencil. This helps the monitor know that you have covered all the essential points. 

 Priority Tips 

When we see the examination paper, we get spooked initially. Instead of fear, you need to take a deep breath and remain calm. 

 The suggested sequence to attempt questions is to start your paper with concise answers like one mark questions. Also, you need to move to long solutions, which carry five marks each and are time-consuming. Also, you need to essay short answers of 3 effects weightage snappily. At last, you should embark on doing the trick chart work.