Tips To Help You Enjoy Vinyl Records More

With The Basics Set Right, You Can Enjoy A Pleasant Music Experience

When it comes to audiophiles, vinyl records are their top choice. However, there are times when the same records can sound very bad. There can be many reasons for that, so it is important to get the very basics right. When you know how to set up the player and the vinyl properly, you will have a truly magnificent experience listening to it. Below are some top tips that can help you to do so. 

Selecting The Right Gear

This is the first aspect of the setup that you need to focus on. The sound of your vinyl records will effectively be upgraded with the right gear. A low-cost suitcase-style vinyl record player may definitely look very aesthetically pleasing but will definitely not help you enjoy the music. To get the best out of it, you will need to do a comparison of turntables and support it with the right set of speakers. When you are looking at investing your money to get improved sound quality, a turntable and speaker will be able to provide you with the highest return. 

The next gear that is vital is the cartridge. This element enhances the mechanical grooves in the record. It will help to reduce environmental noise as well as allow better control over volume. An amplifier or receiver will make sure that the speakers are driven properly. If you are looking at achieving a more accurate and precise bass, then a good-quality amplifier will help you get it. The final component of the gear is to get Hi-Fi headphones. 

Caring For The Vinyl

If you are an avid vinyl collector then you know the importance of keeping them in perfect condition. There are a few basic steps that you can take to keep them intact. Firstly, you have to make sure that you never touch the vinyl with your bare hands. This is because it will end up transferring the grease and fingerprints from your hands onto the vinyl. Wash your hands before using them and touch only the label or edges. Keep the storage box of the records clean as well as it is going to be very hard to clean them if the dirt has settled in. You can use a fiber anti-static brush that is specifically made for vinyl records to clean them from time to time. This will remove any dust particles and you will experience fewer cracks when you try to listen to them. 

In case you notice that the records have grease, or fingerprints on them, then you can use a wet-cleaning method to get rid of them. This is a kit that comes with a velvet brush, solution, and stylus brush. Avoid using any home cleaning products or alcohol while applying the wet clean method. 

Store Vinyl Properly

How you store the vinyl will also affect them. The best way to do so is to store them vertically. When you stack them horizontally, they can get damaged due to the pressure of the pile. Furthermore, if the place where they are stored is warm, then the vinyl will get softer. Invest in a bookshelf so that the records can be stored vertically and away from direct sunlight. Ensure that there is enough breathing space and they are not stacked too tightly together. 

There are also good quality inner sleeves for records available that can deal well with static electricity. This also prevents the records from getting scratched or accumulating dust particles on the record. 

Enhance The Acoustics

Once you have the right gear and have ensured that the vinyl records are maintained in perfect condition, the next tip is to work on improving the sound by enhancing the acoustics of the room. Start by moving your speakers to a spot in the room where they sound best. Most people make the mistake of moving their speakers way back against the wall. This makes the bass tightened up and it will sound very bloated. By keeping some distance between the speakers and the wall, you will feel a significant difference in the sound. If the room is very empty, then there will be an echo in the sounds played. Adding some basic furniture will help to make the sounds warmer. 

One of the ways to improve acoustics is to add larger green plants to the room that act as both absorbers and diffusers. They will be able to provide a little bit of humidity which will further lessen the static electricity. You can also add a bookshelf filled with books to act as a sound absorber. Adding thick carpets or curtains is another effective way to take action against the reflection of sound caused in an empty room or hard floor. All the options are economically viable but will definitely help improve the acoustic in the room. 

Beat Static Electricity

When you want to enjoy the best sounds from your vinyl record, your biggest enemy will surely be static electricity. This can happen due to a built up in the cartridge which will further suck in dust particles that will harden over time. There are some effective ways to deal with it. Firstly you can use anti-static inner sleeves that will reduce static problems. There are also sprays available that can be used on each side of the record before you play it. 

By increasing the humidity indoors, the moisture in the environment will help to reduce static electricity. You can invest in a small humidifier as well. 

The above tips can help you enjoy the best sound quality from vinyl records. Cleaning the records properly should be a priority at all times and if you have not been doing so, then it is time you started on it immediately. As you have more time and budget to invest, you can move on to adjusting the acoustics of the room by investing in furniture and setup. With the right gear and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy the records for a long time to come.