Tips to Help Set Your Kids Up for a Successful Life

According to Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do.” This means excellence is not an act, rather a habit. This is true for adults and children. When it comes to helping a child live a successful life, there are things that parents should and should not do. While some people may want to debate the facts, the following tips have been backed by scientific studies and years of research.

From ensuring children to chores to keeping them involved in programs like what is offered at the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens, there are things parents can and should do now to set their child or children up for success. Keep reading to learn more.

Give Children Chores

Taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, and mowing the lawn are all things that children can do. Giving children chores is not just about making their parents’ lives easier. Those chores help to make the child’s life better, too. When a child must do chores, they realize that they have to work in life.

It is also recommended that parents are “authoritative,” rather than being permissive or authoritarian parents. It is important to build a world where a child must grow up with respect for authority but ensure they don’t feel strangled by that authority.

Teach Children Social Skills

Everyone has been around socially awkward people at some point. While it is really no surprise, there are studies that have shown that kids who have good social skills are much more successful in life.

When a child is socially competent, they have an easier time cooperating with others without being prompted. They are also more helpful, understanding of other’s feelings, and able to resolve issues and problems alone. Additionally, children with good social skills had a higher likelihood of earning a college degree and having a full-time job by the time they reach 25 than individuals who had limited or no social skills.

Set High Educational Standards for Children

If parents want to ensure their children are on the path to college, and that they go to college, they should present themselves as positive role models. The best way to do this is by ensuring the parents go to college, too. Also, make it clear that the expectation is they will graduate from college.

Parents who desire their child to go to college and who set this as a goal are much more likely to be successful. This is true no matter the family’s income or what other assets they have.

Teach a Child How to Develop Good Relationships

Everyone has heard of parents who have a marriage that is falling apart, but who remain together for their kids. While this may seem admirable, what matters more is the quality of the relationship they have with one another, and siblings (if there are any).

According to one study, what matters most to children is that they grow up in an environment that is free of conflict among siblings and peers rather than being in a house where their parents remain together. Another study that involved children who were born into poverty showed that the kids that received “sensitive caregiving” during their first three years of life were more successful in school. It also showed that these children had better relationships and achieved higher levels of academic success in their 30s.

Make Math Fun

Most people can remember how parents would drill certain math facts into their heads when they were children. However, others cannot.

While it is true that reading to a child is important, it has been discovered that teaching a child math skill is also crucial. According to a study that involved 35K younger children, teaching math skills at an early age resulted in “future math achievement.” Also, math skills help ensure reading achievement, showing how important this is.

Teach Them the Importance of Trying

Most people have heard about the importance of developing a growth mindset, rather than scarcity or fixed mindset. For children, having a growth mindset is a must. It is important to make sure that a child views failure, which is something that happens to everyone, as an opportunity to grow and learn rather than an ending. This means not worrying. Even more than that, parents should work to reduce their stress levels or control the way stress is perceived.

Demonstrate Work-Ethic and Achievement

If a parent wants their child to act a certain way, they must model this good behavior. Another effective option will be to model bad actions and let the child learn from the parent’s mistakes.

Children who grew up with working parents had advantages over those who did not. In fact, according to one study, the daughters of working moms stayed in school longer and were more likely to earn a job with a management or supervisory role. They were also able to earn more money. The study showed these children earned up to 23% more money than their peers who were raised by moms who stayed at home.

There’s No Real Complete List of How to Make a Child Successful

There are some bits of advice that many people do not agree with. For example, there are some studies that have claimed children who have a higher socioeconomic status will do better than those with a lower one. While that may seem like it makes sense at first, it is not something that someone can change or alter overnight.

Also, similar to any other trendy topic above, it has been recommended that parents teach “grit,” which is the ability to sustain interest and effort toward long-term goals. Even though this may seem like a quality goal, in society, teaching grit may result in something serious being omitted: the ability to stay motivated while constantly reevaluating goals.

When it comes to making successful children, parents have to step up and take the reins. By taking the right steps while children are long, parents can set them up for a life of success.