In Seattle, rain starts as early as October. The largest city in Washington averages 150+ rainy days annually, with most of them spread from October through April. When it isn’t raining, the sky is mostly clear or partly cloudy, and it hardly snows in the city. If it does snow, it is gone in a few days.

Such natural events can wear and tear a building and its roofing in particular. Improper maintenance might result in leaky and cracked roofs. The leak can be a minor crack or pinhole or something major caused by hail or hurricane. No matter what, they need to be promptly dealt with to minimize any negative impact on your house or business.

1. Inspection for Possible Damage: A roofing contractor specializes in the construction and maintenance of roofs. The workman carefully inspects the exterior and interior for any signs of damage and pays particular attention to the ceiling. Water stains, cracks, bubbles, and peeling paint might point to leaks that cannot be easily spotted otherwise.

2. Roof Repairs: Based on their initial assessment, the roofer might propose a repair. Some parts of the roof may be demolished, and new ground-up additions made. There are several steps followed while dealing with a leaky roof

  • The material to fix the leak is chosen from a range of durable, cheap options such as asphalt shingles, solar tiles, Meta, stone-coated steel, EPDM, etc. It can be different from the original material since these areas have to be strengthened as they are leak-prone. Further, the newer material might be more resistant to algae, moss, and other natural factors.
  • There are loads of options, including custom face boards, copings, gutters, edging, ceiling soffits, and downspouts. Hire skilled residential and commercial roofers in Seattle with years of experience to complete your job.
  • Exterior wall coverings such as vertical metal siding, flat lock panels, cement board panels, and trims are added to ensure no future leaks. Snow guards may be replaced or installed if required. Finally, a custom roof coating is added as the last step.

3. New Roof Installation: If they feel that there is extensive damage beyond repair, the roofer will suggest you replace the roof. Worry not, as these contractors know the ins and outs and complexities of re-roofing. If the roof has historic or sentimental value, they have the additional expertise to preserve the same during the entire process.

  • The chances of precipitation are higher than 33% daily in autumn and winter, peaking at 57% in mid-November.
  • You do not want to be stuck in a rainstorm with a leaky roof, as it may flood your home and cause irreparable damage. Instead of praying to the weather gods or waiting for an inexperienced repairman to turn up, hire trusted Seattle roofing services for an instant fix.
  • To guarantee quality and safety, most roofing contractors offer a warranty on their workmanship. This may range from a few months to lifetime coverage.
  • These warranties ensure you against issues that occur because of improper repairing techniques or worker’s faults within the coverage period.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a committed contractor now to bid goodbye to leaky roof emergencies!