Tips That You Should Keep In Mind When Buy Good Cologne

Tips That You Should Keep In Mind When Buy Good Cologne

Are you a ‘crazy’ of perfumes? Have you suddenly realized that you have your dresser full of precious jars but in the end you always use the same one? Not sure which one suits you best for each occasion? Relax, we have the solution! Thanks to this practical guide from the experts, you can get the most out of all these tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when you go to buy good cologne cheap. Take note!

1) Identify it

What have they given you? Knowing how to differentiate a cologne toilette from a perfume or cologne will help you know what to expect from each one and make better choices depending on the time, place, mood or season of the year.

If you do not know what we are talking about, pay attention: there are different types of fragrances, depending on how much oil and alcohol they contain, that is, how concentrated they are (every fragrance involves a mixture of essential oils dissolved in alcohol). It ensures, more or less, twice the duration and usually corresponds to those same notes, with the inclusion of a white flower that provides freshness.

In them the compositions are already more complicated and combine unions between fruits, flowers, sweet notes and they are vaporized several times a day.

The cologne perfume is ideal for those who want something intense (its concentration is between 15 and 20%), for the night, to seduce, to leave a trail. They are not recommended in the sun or in times of heat. Finally, there is the extra it, little used, more expensive and slightly oily. A small amount of this concentrate can stay overnight.

2) Put it to the Test

When trying a perfume, it is not advisable to trust the first impression because it evolves from the moment you vaporize it until it settles. If you want to be sure you like it, wait. Depending on the type of fragrance, you have to allow more or less time to see its evolution. The top notes carry sparkling and captivating chords that are always liked, but you have to let the fragrance unfold; Only then can you appreciate the different notes of its olfactory pyramid and be sure that you feel identified with the trail that remains. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. Ideally, try it on the skin and no more than two at a time.

3) Learn How to Use it

Experts insist that the ‘protocol’ to follow is easy: never on clothing, never rubbing both wrists with it, never vaporizing it through the air and passing under the cloud so that it falls on you. Perfume deserves special treatment so that its molecular structure does not deteriorate, giving rise to a different result than expected. That is, it is applied to the skin, period. It is neither rubbed nor blown. As for the areas of the body, for example, the best is in areas with high circulation: wrists, neck or on the sternum bone.

4) Get the Most Out of it

Many women complain that their perfume is short-lived. There are some tricks so that the fragrance does not evaporate so quickly. For example, look at the type of skin, which can vary the intensity and fixation of the broth. In oily skin the perfume lasts longer, so if you want to leave a discreet trail, it is better not to abuse very intense notes, but rather fresh and get the most suitable perfume you can buy.

Dry skins, on the other hand, fix the perfume worse and it lasts less. If your skin is dry or you live in a city where there is not much humidity, the ideal is to apply a little moisturizer to the area where the perfume is to be applied. That way it takes longer to absorb and lasts longer. Perfume when you get out of the shower, when the pores are open and the perfume penetrate more.

5) Take Good Care

The number one in the perfumery says that for a perfume not to deteriorate it must be kept in a place where it is not exposed to direct light and at a constant average temperature. Although you like to have it in view and at hand to use it daily, take care that it is not near the heating or in contact with constant humidity. That is, reserve a spot for her in a vanity outside the bathroom. Against excessive heat, all perfumers agree.

However, given the alternative advocated in some Internet forums of keeping them in a cold and dark place like the fridge, no. Some perfumes are very valuable because they are composed of expensive raw materials and very careful manufacturing processes. Excessive cold can deteriorate the balance of these exquisite creations and pervert their aroma.